I Am A Nation


I am a nation

Naija is my name

 I am a nation

I may not have been well structured

By the acclaimed sculptors

Yet just a year shy of a century

I am still a nation

My legs deep in the Atlantic

My head up in the Sahara

My heart pumping with confluence

Of the Benue and Niger rivers

I am a nation

With countless potentials

With numerous possibilities

And uncountable opportunities

I am a nation

I represent the African world

The figure of the black race

The first born of the Mother Africa

I am a Nation! Yes I am!


15 thoughts on “I Am A Nation” by Babalola Ibisola VABI (@Babalolaibisola)

  1. Naija is no nation, Nigeria is.

    Yes! You are definitely a nation,
    now, all you need is a fresh reputation.
    Nice one, VABI. Well done. $ß.

    1. @sibbylwhyte, many thanks for you kind appraisal of my muse about the lovely nation, Nigeria.

      It is my prayer that we will one day find the strength within ourselves to build that fresh reputation.

  2. Poem about Naija…interesting

    1. @uzywhyte , thanks for stopping on my page.

      Nigeria is our Nation, our home on this side of the divide.

  3. interesting…

    ”naija is my name” is that part of the rebranding too? lol

    i think it’s time we just take ourselves for what we are, a nation. not parading self acclaimed titles like ‘giant of africa’ and other grandiose delusional claims…the fact that we are the most populous nation in africa doesn’t confer any special advantage. in my opinion, it is those claims that is making us to fully realise the depth of the mess we are…

    1. @topazo , you are very right. the failure to realize who and what we really are has been the bane of our progress.
      In 2009 on our way from Ghana, the customs officials at the Hilakonji boarder in Togo were making jest of us in French; “because they are Nigerians they believe they own Africa. And their leaders at home are bunch of thieves”. A colleague who speaks french very well explained to us.

  4. Well, first of all, Nigeria is a state or a country and never a nation but under or within it are nations and tribe. An heterogenious state is never a nation except differences are solved. Now i must commend, that i enjoy the loyalty and love of the poet for Nigeria. We cannot say because some or many things are wrong that Nigeria is nothing. For God’s sake corruption is evrywhere. Crime in the so esteemed S.A, in africa is high and disgusting. Things may not be well but things and enough man and natural rseources and experiences that suffice Nigeria’s existence are many. Let’s not condemn patrotism, also let’s not blame those who are pessimistic. The poem is celebrating the geographical entity called Nigeria and not it’s Politics of whatever unpleasant practice there is in it. So i love the poem objectively.

    1. @samuelkew , very well said “Let’s not condemn patrotism, also let’s not blame those who are pessimistic”
      The path we choose to follow, individually and collectively is what would determine the tomorrow of the geographical entity, Nigeria. Like i wrote in one of the lines, “I may not have been well structured

      By the acclaimed sculptors”. Hardly is there a nation of the world today that is not made up of people of different faith, believe, culture and even language. Is it China, India, United Kingdom just to mention a few. The strength of these people is the fact that irrespective of their differences, and geographical divides, they see a common FATE for themselves and strive daily as ‘a’ people to reach their destiny.

      If the entity called Nigeria is to achieve and reach her full potential in the league of nations, our numerical strength has to gain a better expression above and over our geographical divides.

      Thank you for appraising the work, I appreciate it.

  5. Fadehan Adeoshun (@Fadehan)

    Analyst ibisola weldone

  6. @Fadehan, many thanks to you!

  7. Expo (@Expo)

    @babalolaibisola, Nigeria is truly ours, and it is our duties to ensure this sleeping giant rise up again! Good job.

  8. @expo, you are very right, Nigeria is our responsibility!

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