There’s such a man

As I will tell you of

Who was brought

From death to life

Such men are few on earth

So learn from this one

And change your heart.


He was righteous in his ways

A precious branch of many fruits

In the Word he took deep root

And followed Jesus step by step.


But one day as he prayed

He was translated into God’s presence

(Make no mistake; he frequented God’s place)

But on that day, met he the Lord

And straight away God asked him thus:

“What brought you here?”

He was shocked, so he listened well

“What brought you?” a second time.


Then he knew this was extreme

For God’s Words were never so unusual

And so as always, he humbled himself

And sat at the Father’s feet to learn.


“Beloved son”, God warmly said

(For God was touched by his humility)

“You have walked so well with Me

And I see how you long for Me

But recently I noticed this

That as you continually came to Me

You brewed a confidence in this

That your righteous walk with Me

Was what gave you right access to Me.


“But herein now is your fault

For you gradually lost sight of the Blood;

The only pass for your entrance here

Therefore go and get your pass

And never let go of the Blood

For righteousness makes you tarry with Me

But coming to Me in the first place

Is granted by none other but the Blood”.


Heb. 10:19-22


3 thoughts on “Heart-attitude” by Israel Eziedo (@eziedo)

  1. Hmmm. Guy U be pastor? Your poems seem to all be based on God’s words. Good thing.
    I like this one better than the last.
    Keep writing and getting better.
    Well done. $ß.

  2. kay (@kaymillion)

    Good one.

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