Enestera Chronicles : Weeping Coffers Part 2





Kakai scowled as he read the summons to the council meeting. As The Overlord of Critville, he saw first hand the plunge in quality of the planet’s exports. He had done his bit to improve things and raise standards but no -one seemed to care. The newer settlers were the worst. A wordsmith like him would deign to critique a piece and what would he get in return but a cheeky retort. A retort! They dared to reply him with a retort! A sad smile framed his firm full lips. He remembered the old days. He had been young and free and full of great ideas for the planet. The daily telecasts had been fun-filled duels of wit, humour and depth ; ideas truly ruled. Not anymore, now it was all banal and most times he didn’t feel the need to participate. He streched his muscular 5 foot 11 ” frame as he considered his options. At heart, he was still an Enesterian but he had considerable holdings with other literary planets. The other day he had been given an offer to move over and oversee a place with very strict production guidelines. His handsome coffee brown face lit up at the thought. The planet called and he would respond but this might be the last time. Meanwhile he had some critiques to do for a wealthy client, he walked over to the writing room and Adele appeared.
“I have been expecting you.” she said, a coy smile playing on her lips.
“I know, you are just what I need now my Nymph. Fill me with your essence my queen, my muse.”
With that he encircled her slim waist with his arms lifting her  well curved frame effortlessly into his lair.
He had work to do, but as they say, first things first.

Chemkai was supervising his army of libots in Techniville when his summons arrived. It had been a tough morning trying to finish the four monthly anthologies in time for distribution. Thank heavens he had litbots to help with most of the computing and copy -editting but he still had to be there to make sure there were no glitches. A year ago a libot caught a virus that made it streak swear words through out the text of a very important ezine, if he hadn’t been on hand to stop it, that would have been a disaster.
He read the summons during his 5 minute midday break. His rugged gook looks tightened in a frown. Deep down, he wondered if a council meeting was any use. Writers already knew that poorly written work was a disservice to themselves and to the planet but most of them didn’t care. As the Techville Overlord, he was appalled by some of the works he received. If a meeting would help though, he was all for it. All for anything that would take Enestera out of her current rut to a bright future.

Subla swirled and swayed to the heady Konga beat. Denzel her partner and muse guided her effortlessly through the new dance -Kongrumba . They finished a particularly difficult routine in a swoop ending up on the giant cushions giggling and breathless.
“You are a marvel my Lady” Denzel said between breaths , kissing the skin beneath her ears.
” Stop it!” Subla shrieked “You…”
She hadn’t the time to complete the sentence. Denzel pulled her towards him in a deep passionate kiss. His arms trailed down her full well endowed frame, down her back, touching, caressing, igniting a flame.
She felt herself being engulfed in an whirlpool of pleasure.
Suddenly her phone vibrated against her hip and she heard the signature ring tone of the Council. She snapped out of Denzel’s arms and sat up.
“Baby, what is the matter?”
“I don’t know, Dearie, it looks like there is some trouble with the council, I ‘ve been summoned for a meeting tomorrow” Subla replied as she read the message , a frown creasing her honey coloured oval shaped face.
“Aw, C’mon Baby” Denzel drawled drawing her close in a loose embrace. ” I am sure it is nothing serious, everyone knows Enestera is the best hub in this part of the galaxy. Maybe old Queen Myna just wants to give you a raise for the great work you’ve been doing. Now you go pick out something hot to wear to the meeting, while I take a shower and fix you dinner.” With that he gave her another kiss and walked downstairs.
Subla smiled as she kissed him back but the Overlady of Praiseville couldn’t stop the sinking feeling in her stomach or the racing of her heart.

Tokai And Tejkai were leaving the golf club when his pager beeped.
“What’s that?” Tejkai asked
“Oh, its nothing, just summons to a council meeting tomorrow.” Tokai replied studying the message with a slight frown.
“Wow! That sounds big! Damn! I bet you get to lodge at the Palace hotel and get pampered by all those beautiful waitresses. Wow! I wish I was a Councillor, I would have such a great time. Dining with royalty, deciding global fortunes, travelling in the latest hovercraft…Damn!” Tejkai ‘s eyes were closed , his face lifted and his arms hovering in the air with a silly smile on his face.
“Shut up you dolt! ” Tokai replied hitting him on the head playfully .”You ll be a Councillor alright, just fix your perennial typos and manage to do more than a second draft, yeah, and fix your tense issues too.”
Tejkai’s shoulders fell.
Tokai was right, he was lazy when it came to his writing. He knew he had a gift but a lot of work had to be done if it would be worth anything. He swore to himself to improve his writing. He would show Tokai that he wasn’t just a loafer, he was smart, witty and talented–a genius. A genius! Tokia drove through the streets of Recruitville stopping at an orange and green apartment block. New writers got to live in such apartments upon arrival and upgrade as they contributed to the planet’s income. He used to live in one of such apartments. He remembered working night and day to meet deadlines and find new settlers to join the planet. He remembered dreaming of one day being an Overlord. Now here he was Tokai, Overlord of Recruitville, he smiled as he realised how good it felt.
Tejkai was saying something
“…have a great time Boss, look me up when you are back.”
“Sure man, Stay creative. See you when I am back.”
With that Tokai set off for home, he had a lot to do before tomorrow.

The Overlady of Creatville was doing research for her debut novel when she got her summons. She scowled at the text with disgust. She hated meetings, they were just a waste of time for everyone, A lot was said and nothing was done most of the time. She thought of absenting herself. The time would probably be of better use here in her home studying and working towards meeting her production deadlines. Nowadays she didn’t feel so attached to the planet anyway maybe it was time she should sell out, dispose of her estate and leave the planet to its fate. That instant she made up her mind. She was leaving the planet, she was still young .
There was a whole world out there. places to see, people to meet.
She made the necessary arrangements.
Her regrets were sent back to the secretariat.
She was gone by the evening space departures bound to Blogspa.


Light years away in the planet of Poetra, Xikan was mulling over his plans to destroy Enestera. Makan his trusted aide listened in silence as he explained his strategy .
“It is so easy Belkan, all we have to do is convince one of the nobles to defect. Once that is done we’ll get him to hand over their codes and passwords; with that we ll have access to the database of all their works. We’ll transfer them to a waiting data-ship and detonate the bombs. We’ll use the same make we used last time when they couldn’t communicate for days but more of them. Finally we ll release our prefabricated viruses to make sure nothing grows back . ” Xikan said a sardonic smile on his lips. ” But not before we have Myna safely tucked away at my shuttle, she refused my advances once, I wouldn’t want her making a habit of it.” His rich deep voice echoed and his boyish ebony coloured features lit up with lust.
“Of course my lord.” Makan replied bowing slightly. A tic throbbed in the corner of his large brown eyes that were a little large for  his face, his corpulent framewas hunched over in a reverent stance. ” Preparations for the Operation are almost complete. It will be just as you have said. Enestera will be gone and Poetra will rule again. Just as it was in the beginning, just as it should always be.”


They spent some more time strategising, energised by their shared passions– a lust for fame and intense hatred for the planet of their previous residence.


Where Xikan had been Xikai and Makan , Makai.

*** **********************
Chemkia was the first to arrive for the council meeting. The secret inner chamber was well lit and strains of classical music played in the background it was 10 am but it could easily have been 2pm or midnight. He took his place and turned on his tablet. Miri his virtual assistant popped on screen with a look of discomfort on her face.
“Production at techville is at full–”
She frowned and bold red capitals flashed on the screen.
In seconds she zoomed in on four spots where bugs had been planted and displayed them on screen.
All the while she was reeling out statistics from the plant in a happy sing-song voice.
Chemkai felt a chill slide down his spine and settle in his stomach. He didn’t know what to think. He had to tell the others, he had to warn them without letting whoever planted the bugs know they had been discovered. Who would dare do such a thing ? What else was compromised? Were they saf
He had to spread the word before the other councillors arrived else the eavesdroppers might suspect something was amiss.
He hadn’t much time. He stood and took long strides towards the door. Before he got there they opened letting everyone in–Tokai, Kakai, Subla and Queen Myna.The chill climbed up from his stomach to his chest

He needed another plan.
After three seconds of thought he had one.

It was risky and untested but at least it was a plan.

He hoped it would work, for their sakes , for the planet’s sake.



To be continued

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  2. I had a good laugh while reading this. I don’t know why but the image of Kakai being muscular and handsome doesn’t fit together in my mind…lol!

    Nice read Sunshine but watch the typos.

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