Echoes of Sentiments

Echoes of Sentiments


I   Of Fondness


Resounding whispers of sonorous voices

Sets my fears ablaze

Its smoke travels not into the air,

But my dreams of delight stand in awe

And bids farewell to my embers of fear

As it makes its way into my once stony heart

Come hither, stretch your hands and grab this echo;

Place it on your troubled blood,

The stones therein shall melt away and flow like magma

They usher in lights of delight.



Not later, but now-have I felt my heart’s pulse

As it dances to tunes of love songs,

And pumps rivers of *Brahms blood

They flow to love’s fountain

And spread their wings in ecstasy.


Plain pictures hang on my heart’s walls

They rebuke dark thoughts;

Casting cares on flowery images-

They flourish like sea-side flowers.


My voice mimics melodies

Of echoes which color my dreams

It lifts my feet to dance

Now, dance dwells here

And draws my body to its rhythm


Like **Endymion,

My eyes embrace solemn sleep

My hands are become ***Serene’s hands

Holding the moon’s arms

And swaying to illusive music

I live in my heart’s haven

And sing myself to bright starry skies.



*Brahms Blood: This refers to Johannes Brahms (1833-1897), a German classical and romantic music composer of the 19th century. Brahms Blood means romantic music.


**Endymion: In Greek mythology, a youth of exceptional beauty who sleeps eternally.


***Serene: In Greek mythology, the goddess of the moon. She fell in love with Endymion.






II   Of Hatred


          Voices from troubled thunder-shreds

Captures my sweet sensation

And throws its sweetness into pits of bitterness;

My heart is but a furnace of fury

Burning every piece of pleasant passion


           My ears forbid flowery news

And holds fast to flowing hot-tears

My heart is hell,

Its hotness heats-up *honky-tonks

And sets jolly hearts to boredom

With noisy melodies;

Hence, I weave dreams into nightmares.


Sing me no songs

Shut your eyes to merriments

Let not your nose perceive aromas

Tonight, I shall paint your wall with worries.


*honky-tonks: a style of country music associated with cheap and noisy bars or nightclubs.

6 thoughts on “Echoes of Sentiments” by Echezonachukwu Nduka (@afropoet)

  1. princesa (@cynthiaukamu)

    Nice poem…
    I kinda like the other better, there’s nothin to smile about, now is there?

    And the first…where do such music play that soothes the soul, i sure need to have that heavenly feeling…

    If just for once..

  2. @afropoet, I did get the sense of the fondness that you were trying to convey in your first poem, but the tense confusion and word usage in it meant that it wasn’t as good as it could have been.

  3. I like the first more. Nice imagery.
    I didn’t quite sense the hatred in the 2nd much.
    I really like the first. So let’s set to changing what Tola saw. You’ll get a post in ur inbox.
    Well done. $ß.

  4. Tried to go to ur profile to send a msg but I kept entering your blog. So i’ll drop it here.

    The poem is the kind one likes on first read and later you wonder why. It was rash of me to do this, but in the end, it’s yours to do with as you like. Hopefully, you won’t be mad at me. Hehe.

    Of fondness.

    Whispers of sonorous voices
    set my fears ablaze.
    My dreams of delight stand in awe
    and bid farewell to embers of fear
    that once shrouded my heart.

    Pretty pictures hang on my heart
    to rebuke dark thoughts
    and cast light on happy images
    that flourish like sea-side flowers.

    My voice mimics melodies
    of echoes that deafen my dreams
    and urge my feet to dance.
    Like *Endymion,
    my eyes embrace solemn sleep.
    I, like *Serene hold unto the moon
    and sway to the illusive music in my heart.

    This is my one cent. Cheers! $ß.

  5. I have been reading poems on naija stories but this one really got a grip of my attention. I really love it and I cant say why.. perhaps its because it came from an expert. Nice work.

  6. Thank you all for your observations. I really appreciate.

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