Threading on the path of carelessness
The only path that strays me from hurdles
Lying in the hands of recklessness
The hands that erases life shackles
Drown in the sea of dizziness
The sea that washes away my sanity
I’m drunk
I’m riding in the chariot of ecstasy
Blind to the figures of intricacy
Far from tears
Near not fears
Have no cross to bear
Living like I don’t care
My yesterday is behind the bar walls
Today is whisked in the whiskey of id
And tomorrow…?
Yes, my tomorrow is a new brand of drink
I am drunk
Tell this to the night guards
Shout it out to the guard dogs
Tonight let no one stop me
From performing this lone madness
From telling openly my top secrets
I’ve crossed over the bridge of sanity
I’ve loosed the chain of regulation
Like it’s rained in my skull, my brain is drained
Free my ears of warning, let me stagger and fall
fall into the drainage of illusion
Like a war in my sight, I’ve lost sight of my divan
I see a divan in the earth I thread
Yes, I see a divan in mother earth
And so on it I lay me to rest
Leaving the rest in the hands of rest
The best for my state is sleep
I’m drunk with sleep

7 thoughts on “Drunk!” by Admin2 (@admin2)

  1. That crossing the bridge of sanity is what I am afraid of in this world you describe. Well done.

  2. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    Nice. Consider trimming it. In poetry less is often more. Some images were unclear. well done, more ink to your pen

  3. Your words have made me drunk…
    You created real visual images here( in ma mind)
    …And the choice of words, wonderful.
    Good job

  4. First, you must have been drunk before. Nice choice of words for a tipsy fellow

  5. Nice imagery, Tola. You described it so well. I’d like to see you perform this poem. Well done. $ß.

    @chemokopi. Remind me to get you drunk…hehehe.

    1. Hahaha..@sibbylwhyte, you mean the sensual kind? ;)

  6. Tah! @chemokopi. U and who? Will get you drunk on kaikai, alomo and monkite and watch you dance azonto on a high.

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