Come Out, Words, Come Out

Come Out, Words, Come Out

Flow, the Muse calls… I know not what to write.
The words flow but nothing comes out right
the journey from the heart to the hand stops
the communication from the hand to the heart flops…
Come out, words, come out!


I bring to the screen the flow of my heart
hoping it to juxtapose with my art
to express the deepening wells of my soul
to take something out and make me whole


Come out, words, come out!


I dance to the songs spanning spheres
I sing and drench out surmounting dares
dares I thought I’d never find courage to pluck
but only one word comes to mind, truly, one that is and rhymes with suck


Come out, words, come out!


I wouldn’t hide behind the soothing of words
hidden in deep recesses that would rather turn swords
striking the fabric of arteries placed together through time
in motions now strumming without rhyme


Come out, words, come out!


Three words started this and four lines this verse
if three words end it, maybe four lines should crown out our mess
and if the emotions no longer ring through
words, stay forth within, for they would always be true.

14 thoughts on “Come Out, Words, Come Out” by Sueddie Agema (@sueddie)

  1. I think this is sweet in itself. I can’t relate to words/ideas/concepts like ‘muse’ ‘writer’s block’. They don’t exist to me.

    I’m just saying.

    Nice, man.

    1. Well, @Seun-odukoya, true for you. True. You na badt guy na!
      They work for me, not in abstract and sometimes they are simply tags for some very physical things. There’s a juxtaposition of the ink of my thoughts and the inner works with events and people so somehow there are intertwining. Well…

      Merci bro! Merci.

  2. Bola (@basittjamiu)

    the enjambment was great and the couplet was superb.

    1. @basittjamiu: Yaaay! Thanks! Means much…

  3. I think this was nice. And I believe in (human) muses so it actually makes a lot more sense, loooooool.

    1. Jay, you too feel me jor! ;) After posting, came on to your celebrity post. Loved it… didn’t I comment? Or did network eat it?
      Hmm. But @jaywriter: Bro, your kain muse na overdose!

  4. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    Wow! Come out words,come out! Me like!

  5. khadijahmuhammad (@khadijahmuhammad)

    Nice poem.

    1. @khadijahmuhammad: Thanks! Still remember your thoughts on my poems some time back. Meant much to me. You mistook the name of one ‘Let there be light’ and christened it ‘Let theirs be light’ or something of the like. Took on the challenge and wrote a poem to your title that I think I like.
      Thanks manga lady :) Hope you good. It’s sure been some time…

  6. nicely nice poetry.
    ‘…and if the emotions no longer ring through
    words, stay forth within, for they would always be true.’
    …some emotions can’t be expressed with words….

    1. @owseaman: Merci!! Thank you!! Means much… Every word in this poem spoke to me. It was that deep :)

  7. Beautiful… I can relate with the first stanza…

    1. @topazo: abi? That journey that doesn’t always connect. WE sure have been down those roads severally…

  8. Here, the Blazes & Buzzes of the Muse
    comes your way refined mind. I am back.
    Meet me @OsitaAmakeze that the words
    we wielded would be couriered!

    I hail thee Su’eddie.

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