Casting Shadows II

Chuks kept looking at the paper in his hands after Nosa dropped him off at his house in Garki. The paper had Omotola’s number and Blackberry pin written on it. Several thoughts flew past his mind as he clutched the paper. He however considered none of them except one which clung deep in his heart – If he made any move with Omotola it might ruin his friendship with Nosa.

Chuks woke up later on the sofa in his living room feeling a slight headache from the previous night’s drink. Chuks was used to hangovers on Saturday Mornings; he usually smoked a cigarette to feel better. He still had the small piece of paper in his hand when he dozed off. As he stared at it he felt guilt surging through his body. He lit a cigarette, punched the keys on his phone slowly, secretly hoping Omotola had missed a digit in the number or didn’t mean what she said last night.

“Hey whatsup…Its chuks”                      

“Hey…Chuks whatsup”

“It’s a Lovely Saturday morning that looks good for some more sleep” 

Omotola giggled as she interrupted “Didn’t think you were going to call”

“Me too…Anyways I’m hanging out at Wine Bar later this evening…you wanna hang out?”

 “Errmm…maybe…it depends”

“On what?”

“No worries…when are you coming to pick me?”

“By 7…where will I pick you up?”

“Zone 6, Mbabane Street”

“See you by 7”

Nosa was excited about last night’s outing with Omotola especially because Omotola kissed him after he dropped her off at her apartment in Zone 6. Nosa walked around his apartment thinking of them starting to see each other. He felt the attraction between them as she placed her lips on his. It was like one of those stories from Mills and Boon series his sister told him  – Where your heart beat faster than normal and your whole stomach turned because of the chemistry you felt.

It was Nosa’s ex-girlfriend Efe that told Nosa “You are too Nice for me” before she broke up with him on Valentine’s day last year. Nosa couldn’t think of any sane reason why she would break up with him because “he was too nice”. Nosa honestly knew that therein laid his weakness. He got involved emotionally with ladies too quick. With Omotola he felt something different. She wasn’t just any kind of girl. She was his kind of girl.

Chuks pulled over at Omotola’s apartment in his 2010 RAV-4 Vehicle .  Omotola had climbed down the stairs of her apartment building to meet Chuks  few minutes before he pulled over at her place. As she walked towards the car, Chuks watched as her hips swing from side to side. The roundness of her back side and the flexibility with which it rolled convinced Chuks she did that with intentions.“You look amazing” Chuks said as she climbed into the car. “Thank you” She replied smiling at him. Chuks smiled back.

They stopped at the entrance of Wine Bar to buy Suya. Each time Nosa and Chuks bought Suya at Wine Bar, Chuks would shout to the Suya Man from inside the car “Put plenty onions abeg…”   The suya man thought Chuks would ask for onions like he usually did so he teased Chuks. “Oga Make a put am por onions?” “Just put small” Chuks answered as he handed the crisp one thousand naira note to the suya man.

Sandra was listening to Fela’s Lady on her Ipod when Omotola called her earlier that day. Sandra wasn’t happy about Omotola going out with Chuks later that evening. Not exactly because Omotola wrongly led Nosa on while she meddled with Chuks in the background but rather because she felt awkward that this same Chuks who didn’t like her maybe screwing her friend tonight.
Omotola sounded less concerned with Sandra’s ranting on he phone.

“Omotee how far?” Sandra asked as she received the call.

“Babe I dey”

“Na wa for you oo! You no fit tell person how you waka yesterday night with Nosa after una drop me and him friend?”

“Nothing much sha…him just drop me for my house tell me say we go see today”


“Babe free dat matter” Omotola interrupted.

“Wetin u mean?” Sandra sounded surprised.

“I dey follow dat him friend comot dis nite?”

“Where una dey go? Wetin u go tell Nosa?”

“We dey go winebar. I go tell am say I no well na”

“But babe Nosa na my personal person.Why u go dey do dis kain thin? Shay u know say if the bobo notice na me him go look bad eye?”

“Nothing dey happen abegi..Abi na u wan go tell am ni? Relax. No worry yourself”

“Omotee sha take am easy abeg”

“Ehnn…I don hear..Later”

When Chuks didn’t take or return Nosa’s calls after Nosa had called thrice. Nosa concluded that Chuks was probably with a woman and didn’t want to be disturbed. While Nosa waited for Chuks to return from his state of incommunicado, Nosa decided to hang out at Wine bar for the mean-time. It was Saturday evening and he would be getting drunk so He didn’t need to drive.

Nosa flagged a Taxi as he got out the gate of his apartment. It was inside the taxi that Chuks called him.

“Nosa where you dey?” Chuks asked immediately Nosa received the call .

“Na wa for you sha…where you keep your phone since..u no fit call person back?”

“Omo…u tell me where you dey first” Chuks interrupted

“I dey enter Wine bar”

“Correct! Na there I dey sef”

“Ahn-ahn! Na wine bar u dey since na im u no fit tell person? ” Nosa said before he hissed.

“No worry just show”

“I dey come”

The taxi dropped Nosa at the entrance of Wine bar close to the Suya man’s stand. Nosa decided to buy some Suya. He enjoyed the Yaji seasoning on the Suya more than suya itself.  Even when Nosa got really drunk he licked the seasoning because it stopped him from feeling sick consuming too much alcohol.

Chuks raised his half-full glass of red wine in the air as if to say “Welcome!” when he saw Nosa. They talked for a while about the day’s football match in which Arsenal played a draw with QPR bringing Arsenal one point down in the English Premier League Table. Then they argued about Suya and fresh fish and which was better after drinking too much beer.

It was as the waiter served them the third bottle of red wine that the words came out of Chuks’ mouth like he couldn’t control it.

“Omo forget that Omotola babe… She no be better person…You know say she gimme her phone number and BB pin yesterday for club as you go find table?”

“Wetin you mean?” Nosa replied. Nosa wasn’t quite sure yet what Chuks was getting at so he moved himself to the edge of his seat to listen better to what Chuks was saying.

“The babe gimme her number tell me say she like me…The babe been dey here sef. I jus discharge the babe before I been call you. I tell am say u be my man and I no fit fall your hand”

“Chuks I swear no use me play! Wetin dey bring that level?.. u go my back go dey tidy babe way u no say I dey try racket?” Nosa angrily replied. Alcohol did no good to Nosa’s already hot temper.

“Guy relax.U think say if I wan racket d babe I for tell u?”

“Chuks you fuck up! I swear you fuck up! I no believe!” Nosa said as he angrily walked out of Wine bar staggering. He rushed to the gate of Wine bar and stood there shouting “Taxi! Taxi!!”.



9 thoughts on “Casting Shadows II” by Uzoma Umekwe (@uzomaumekwe)

  1. What’s with this Nosa dude? If the girl doesn’t like him, can’t she like his friend?
    He should go and sit down jare.

    Keep it coming…

    1. @estee u wan put sand inside Nosa garri ni?…lol..thanks for reading the story.

  2. As far as I’m concerned,the girl isn’t even worth losing sleep over.
    Keep it coming.

    1. @mimiadebayo…lol.indeed. Thanks for taking time to read it.

  3. Fundamental error, chuks shldnt have gone out with her, his position would have held more solidly…. But den it might all be a ploy….

    1. @topazo…Chuks only responded to the initial temptation..I guess somehow he came back to his senses…lol. Thanks for reading

  4. Nice, bro… I think this is better than every previous installment in construction & narrative… I noticed a misplaced question mark somewhere, & phrases like ‘The roundness of her back side and the flexibility with which it rolled convinced Chuks she did that with intentions’ I find a trifle tacky. See: ‘he noted her bouncy back side, and the ease in the way she sashayed, with the consciousness of someone that knew what she had’… Or something like that.
    I like how the story highlights the ‘bigger boys catching fun’ theme, including the pidgin. It’s naturally your thing.
    Much improved Uzeepumping! :)
    Big ups, bro!

  5. @wendeekay… I guess with awesome people like you around reading these stories I write improvement is a constant. I am getting to grips gradually with all them figures of speech u noted. Getting there bro…I appreciate your effort in reading this story bro..

    Cheers bro

  6. I enjoyed reading the two episodes. Want to read more before I give a more indepth feedback.

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