Burning Sensations

Nipple sensations, burning sensations
Soft and raw sensations everywhere,
When hormones like electric currents
Flow though nerves and tissues
Down to the orifice, down there and back
As all senses begin an eclectic race
And a strong presence is desired to quench
The fire, remember that
Memories last forever and many,
Many don’t forget in a hurry
The loud sighs triggered
By romantic thrusts.
Consequences abound:
Unexpected child, bleeding heart
A result of one-timed pleasure or so…
He is gone, but you are there
Dripping, not with satisfaction,
But because it is just natural
To let something in.
It is the pathway to many destination
Heaven, hell which ever you count yours to be
To save lives and bring peace like Lysistrata,
Or wage war like Cleopatra.
Some do it for the podium
Others for Brazilian hair,Peruvian even.
And Blackberry, the only unedible berry.
And on those odd days
When weakness is normal to women
And nature takes its due course,
Reminding one that lives unfertilized abound,
The gate is always ajar
Welcoming strangers and all.

19 thoughts on “Burning Sensations” by sambright (@sambrightomo)

  1. Nicely written.

    1. thank you @jaywriter, thank you.

  2. Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

    I call this ‘Lit for girls with tits’ Nicely painted..

  3. And as usual, the tell tale prints are borne by the females.
    Nice word of warning, Sam. We don read am. Hehehe. Well done. $ß.

    1. bubbling bubble,d only bubble with performance enhancing perfume…lol.Thank you for reading am ooooooooo.Long tym,and I hope u heed the warning oooo.

  4. When I read a poem, I focus on 2 things: the subject matter, and then the style. I look out for a blend of concreteness bw them both, not bcos am searcing out for the errors in it (of course there’s no perfect art) but bcos I believe they’re supposed to function together in enhancing the importance of the theme. As I read ur poem, I was wondering if the absence of stanzas is part of the style. If so, it’s not been well done. Then ur diction: I love the simplicity; but I believe it became too simple that u began to lose ur hold on ur power of symbols and imagery, and especially metaphors. Maybe u’ll like to work on it more. Its a nice work: just refine. Am sorry I’d rather not just say “Nice job” without suggesting how u might make it nicer. Keep writing. We keep growing.

    1. sambright (@sambrightomo)

      Thank you for this expository criticism.I appreciate.@doremi

  5. @sambrightomo, your poems are becoming too lost on the same one tract. Think of other things?

    1. sambright (@sambrightomo)

      Very well noted ma.

    1. sambright (@sambrightomo)

      Thank you.

  6. lol…sounds like the kind of stuff that would run through @jaywriter‘s mind.

    What’s Myne talking about? That you write too much about sex? Is she speaking the truth?

    1. sambright (@sambrightomo)

      @Afronuts I think her comment is based on observation that I may not have taken due note of.I will have to look into that. Otherwise, I don’t think I am becoming “too lost on one tract” according to her, these poems come in spontaneous nudge that I cannot but express in the exact mode it comes. So I dont think she is speaking the truth, she only made her observations known,which will be considered.

  7. i love this more…

    “Many don’t forget in a hurry
    The loud sighs triggered
    By romantic thrusts…” keep it up

    1. sambright (@sambrightomo)

      Thanks @elovepoetry. God bless.

  8. kevin (@kevindkind)

    Hmmmm! “Burning sensation,” am not sure i wanner experience this feeling. I mean, think of those other people who have been through this part. They were not just burn, but consume as well to the point where thay loose their “ego’s direction.” am not sure i wanner go down that part (still in my birth-cloth). Nice work bro

    1. thanks for reading.

  9. This, I love.

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