Break My Heart 2

Nesta must have noticed how tense and frightened I was, because he came and closed his arms around me and soothed my shoulders. The room we entered already had a lady and a guy in it, making love. I ran out immediately I beheld the sight. He as right beside me, before I could run into the noisy sitting room. I refused the go back into the room, My heart hammered against my chest. He held me still and patted me. His influence and the way he held me made my feet wobble beneath me and I lost the will to vacate from the premises immediately. He lead me back into the room. by the time we got there, the other pair were leaving. Once they were gone, he locked the room without realizing that he just locked my heart.
The room was very spacious and beautifully furnished. The full size bed had a nice spreading with the colour of pink to match the pink colour of the room and the rug. There is only one cushion in the room beside the moderate, student refrigerator on the left. It was on this single cushion that I sat while he sat on the bed opposite me, the television and home theater stood adjacent to us. The cool music slowly creeping out of the music box gave the room, a romantic sensation.
“Welcome to my room”, he said once I was seated. I merely smiled and watched him rise, he went to the refrigerator and brought out two bottles of star beer and two glass cups. He sat down and opened them. I watched him keenly, wondering what he was up to until, he served me a full glass cup of beer.
“Drink”, he urged me, talking a sip from his own cup.
“Sorry but I don’t take alcohol”, I said with the best calm voice , I could muster.
He smiled and brought the cup to my lips. “Just a sip, it won’t hurt you”. he smiled again
I was charmed. I wanted to say no but couldn’t, I allowed him give me the drink. For the first time in my life, I was imbibing alcohol. He didn’t let me go after a sip even when I protested, he kept sweet-talking me till the glass was empty. He smiled up at me, screaming that’s my girl without realization how horrible I felt at that moment. My head swelled up as if it was going to explode any moment. One could say how come only a glass of star would have such effects on me but it did. I had always knew I had a light brain for accommodating anything hard and see what this one did to me as little as it was. I was suddenly feeling dizzy. Nesta noticed and asked to come and rest awhile on the bed.
“I have to go now”, I said and tired to rise only to fall back into the seat. he came in time and carried me to the bed. Although I was dizzy but not drunk. I knew when his hands came upon my bare thighs. my skirt, a flay that stopped just above my knee had exposed a better part of my thighs when i lay down. I had not noticed it because of my state till now when his hands slithered all over it. I wore a white tight underneath a white lacy panties and I hate to have men so much that close to me. I held his hand in time as they traced the fabrics of my tight atop my womanhood. He looked down at me.
“I just want to feel you that’s you. I promise I won’t hurt you”.
I doubted that promise but not more than, I doubted my very own self. I knew that if I didn’t get up now and head out of the door, I will do what I was going to rue all the rest of my life. I tried to rise but feel back to the bed, exhausted.
“Just relax, he said and poured more drinks. the next thing, I knew I gulped down another glass cup. I was feeling more muzzier now and I could feel his hands on my chest, fiddling with my taut nipples.
“Dear lord, please save me from this temptation”, I prayed silently.
I watched him with heavy eyes take off his shirt and his white singlet then pulled down his pants and boxers. I looked away when he stood before me, his eight inches, hard medium-seized dick standing erect before him.
“Please don’t hurt me”, I cried with shaky voice, my face still turned away. The realization that I was going to be raped took away every ounce of drunkenness in me.
“I just want to make you feel like a woman”, he said coming closer. He bent towards me and took my hands and placed upon his turgidity. I pulled it off the instance my hands touched it but he took it again and brought close to it. He directed my palms, running it all over his taut dick.
“Please”, I cried, still looking away. I knew no one would hear me even if I screamed. the music from the sitting room was on full blast and who would come even if they heard me. What was I expecting coming to big boys and big girls party. I was alone, I muttered as the realization hit home. He came close and pulled my top over my head, leaving me with just my red bra.
“You have nice tits”, he said and I wondered what he meant by that. one would I would look up for once I leave here undefiled. the thought of being defiled made me shudder.
“Are you cold?” he asked with concern and I nodded. He got up and turned off the air conditioner and left the brown ceiling fan at the lowest. When he came back, I was at his knees begging him but instead of bulging, he took his dick and put into my mouth. I spat out once, it touched my mouth.
“Suck it, please”, he begged. I was astonished to see him beg. He was totally taken now, seems like sucking was his turning point. H begged again and I felt like super girl.
“I want to go”, I said. standing up, I grabbed my top from the bed and tried to put it on but he caught it and forcefully yanked it out of my hands and took my nipple into his month while he worked on pulling off skirt. “You promised not to hurt me”, I cried.
He suddenly stopped and stared at me. Then to my chagrin, threw my top back at me. “Dress up so that I can see you off”, he said and began to dress up too.
I watched him dress and almost felt bad. I have spoilt something for him, I taunted myself, Knowing I would rue this forever, I offered him myself after all how long did I except to keep keeping my virginity. I lost the first guy because of it and now that I felt that I have found a soul mate, I am not going to lose him for anything, at least not something I could offer him.
“Make love to me please”, I said with deep aroused love.
he stared at me for a long time as if contemplating whether or not I meant it or not. I grabbed the opportunity. I bent towards him and took him whole into my mouth almost gagging in it. he was taken aback at the gesture but he soon began to moan.
“Don’t rush it”, He said when he noticed I gagged. It was my first time and I thought maybe it won’t be such a waste if I enjoyed it to the last moment.
He drew me up and kissed my lips, then fumbled with my boobs. My bras where lying on the ground the next instance, revealing my moderate, firm breast.
“They are beautiful like your face”, he said/ I smiled and he kissed the tip of my nose. He was the most romantic man I have ever met and vey gentle too. he was a good teacher and he took his time teaching me. when it got to the most crucial, he first used his fingers on me, I winced in pain and he withdrew his finger immediately.
“Go on”, I urged him afraid that I might lose this moment.
“You meant it when you said, you are still a virgin?” he asked. There was a aprk of astonishment and pride in his eyes when he asked me the question. I nodded, a little embarrassed.
He got up and went for his jean laying in the heap on the floor and began to dress up. “Dress up”, he said. “Its past you bed time.”
“What’s going on?” I asked. I was alarmed and befuddled.
“Its time to go home”, he said and threw my clothes to me. “Dress up”
“Can’t you at least tell me what I did wrong”, I cried
He came towards me and held my hands. “You did nothing angle, only that your parents will be getting worried”.
“That should be my concern not yours”, I fired as I wore my panties. I was feeling used and discarded. He just wanted to make caricature with me. I hated Nesta there for toying with my emotions
“They are also my concern”, he said with a mischievous grin.
Bloody pervert, i thought in anger.
“you had better stop feeling the way you are feeling:, he told me.
“Like hell”, I mumbled and strode out of the room, fully dressed now.
“Slow down beauty”, he sang
The devil, I grunted out in frustration. He was mocking me. We went through the long passage, bursting into the sitting room. Most people were gone, those that remained where either sleeping or making love. I over looked them and headed outside the door. The cool April breeze hit my face once I stepped outside. Nesta and I weren’t talking yet and who cares. He tried to build up a conversation as he walked me home but none of it entered my ears. All I could hear was being not good enough for him.
My parents were already asleep when I got home but my Brother sat in the sitting room watching a movie. He opened the door when I entered and told me he covered me. He told our parents that I went for prayers. I said a quick goodbye to Nesta and left him as he exchanged pleasantries with my brother. He Waited Outside for me to come and say a proper goodbye but when I didn’t he left, after all he had a party to catch up with. I had watched him from the blind of my window until my brother shut the gate after he left. Good riddance to bad rubbish I thought and went to take a shower. I felt filthy as I bathed, washing myself thoroughly to remove any aura of him on me. Thank God, he didn’t enter me instead I would have rue that all my life. My phone was ringing when I entered my room from the bathroom. I watched the phone ring endlessly. when it stopped, I picked it and stared at eh screen. Thirteen missed calls. Not enough, I thought as I put off the phone and went to sleep.

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  1. Good. The build up was ok and the emotion at the end was fine. A lot of typos though. Check: ‘i said and “tired” to rise’. ‘I was feeling “more” muzzier’. ‘Almost gagging “in” it’. “While he worked on pulling off skirt”. ‘One would i would look up for once i leave here undefiled’. “Vey”. “Aprk” “jean”. More editing.

    1. @ibagere Thanks for the corrections

  2. intriguing

  3. Nice story…

  4. @sarah,good one,with some typos though. May my daughter not be like the MC,is my prayer. Enough said.

  5. Typos spoilt the fun… Sounded a bit unrealistic too. One moment she was afraid and the next when she decided to give in to him, she was talking in a deeply aroused voice…

    Looking forward to the next episode

    1. @topazo Sorry about the Typos, we are all learning and no body is perfect. The story is a true life story, i am sorry if it sounded unrealistic to you but it happened to someone very close to me and is still happening, look out for series 3. Thansk

    2. @topazo Sorry about the Typos, we are all learning and no body is perfect. The story is a true life story, i am sorry if it sounded unrealistic to you but it happened to someone very close to me and is still happening, look out for series 3. Thanks

  6. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    The ending was good.

    1. @nicolebassey Thanks for enjoying the story

  7. Hmmm! From one extreme to the other

  8. @sarah, lovingly interesting…………

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