Amensty or I’m nasty
Can’t seem to understand the basis
Or why on earth we let them grow from hisses
To barks, shouts and bites causing fatal pieces

Why did we let them stem up from the bud
Many wounded why they were but a stud
Heaves and gasps as they became a stomp
Yet we watched them explode with a bomb

Now there’s a move to pay for their hate
With the contributions of those burnt in their heat
Must we now seat and watch in daze
Why not we convoke to stop this craze

If our government has plans to reward mercenaries
For being nothing but mean brutes and murderers
Of her feigned beloveth citizens
Then they must be bereft of sanity or simply alien buffoons

But if we decide to say and do nothing
And think our bitter thoughts mean something
We might as well let them plant those seeds well rotten
The fruits of which we’ll eat and end up rotting

We must begin to end this trend so nasty
Or have our children refute our plea for amnesty
If we allow the desecration of our place of nesting
Then it’ll be us, not they who are so nasty!

7 thoughts on “Amnesty” by EXCELLENCY (@excellency)

  1. This is a well thought out poem.

  2. quixcalibur (@ugoquix)

    So good and more importantly so true

    1. @ugoquix, yea thanks u got the point noted, it’s a truth and we should speak up as much as we can against the idea of rewarding foreigners for terrorizing us…

  3. @excellency interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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