Achebeism: an Ode to Chinua

Achebeism – An Ode


When a tree falls, the birds that made it their abode

All scatter in the bush for when great things happen

Like the death of a warrior, a retreat is swiftly made

To put the war wares on anvils that would sharpen


From the visions of the visionary to his mission

Here, we the birds have scattered from afar to gather

To lead the legend to the portal of ancestral mansion

For it’s fitting that sons at an age mourn their father


No, we do not mourn as if there’d be no tomorrow

Nor would the tree that felled, not speak in the gongs

When a great thing like this happens, the tusks blow

As cannonballs send thunderous ululation to the gods


Here, lies a man who told the tale of “Arrow of gods”

When, “Things Fall Apart” as it did, he told the world

Even “There Was a Country” he barbed with firebrands

So sojourn well thereof Chinua to immortality’s abode!



Ositadimma Amakeze



8 thoughts on “Achebeism: an Ode to Chinua” by ostar (@ostar)

  1. Great work, again.

  2. Dalu @kaycee, I actually read the poem at Achebe’s place whilst he laid in state. Thanks.

  3. this is great, honouring the great man

  4. @topazo imela (thank you). Blessings!

    @elovepoetry that man Achebe is (not was, for he lives) is really the “eagle on Iroko!”
    Indeed, the ancestors had long yearned for his admittance…. They’re beguiled!

  5. @ostar, this comprehensible in a beautiful, musical way.

    Nice one.

  6. Ostar. You dey do ojoro o. So U can write the one that won’t confuse me. Be writing this type. I like the rhythm, rhymes and of course, allusions to his work. Nice work.
    Well done, $ß.

  7. Thanks for the poem brother….. I am an adherent of Achebe and you need to know how much this little poem gladdened my heart…. thanks so much

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