Writing Prompt April 29 – At the Last Moment

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Today’s prompt is

At the Last Moment

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3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt April 29 – At the Last Moment” by Admin (@ogaoga)

  1. He was dying, the machines with wires running to and from his body offered no help. The doctors verdict was maybe a couple hours left, he wasn’t afraid but was unsettled because he’d hurt the only person that mattered to him and had been too proud to apologise or say he loved her. Closing his eyes, he tried to accept his fate. No second chances for fools, he thought as time ran faster than ever. Feeling the end close, he opened his eyes and there she was, as beautiful as ever.
    “I love you” he managed at the last moment.


  2. Damn! It’s 8am.

    Edna had warned me, “Come two days before my weeding.”

    “I have exams. I’ll take the morning risk … leave home 5am, be there by 7am.”

    Now, my car is dead, and I’m dead. Sigh.

    At the last moment, a car pulls over behind me.

    “Need help?” husky voice tickles my belly.

    Three hours waiting for this – worth it.

    He opens my bonnet, “battery is dead.”

    He keeps talking, dark drawl of baritone voice.

    “Done, where you headed?”

    “A wedding in Jogor Center, Ibadan.”

    “Same here, Meet the late best man.”

    “Meet the late best lady.”



  3. “Sweet Mother I no go forget you”, he kept humming, he was going to see his beloved mother after two very long years. He had prepared for this journey. Standing on the platform, he waited eagerly for the train, it was already approaching. “Please, let this be quick and painless” he muttered, and leaped onto the tracks. Suddenly, he felt a pull on his shirt, a strong hand, dragging him of the train tracks, back onto the platform, denying him from reuniting with his dead mother, at the last moment. “Are you mad?!” shouted the policeman, still holding his shirt.


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