Wordless – pt2

Wordless – pt2

I stirred on the bed, my eyes fluttered open gently, I looked around trying to get my bearing, it all came rushing back to me when I noticed the female form beside me, a huge grin formed on my face, she faced the other side, a knock on the door stopped me from touching her.

“Who be” I asked startled.

“Na me joor, open door’ the voice replied.

I recognized the voice immediately; it was tolu’s a fellow housemate.

“Wetin happen?”

“Oga come open door joor” he insisted.

I could call his bluff, but I knew he would be persistent, and his knocking could wake bunmi up.

“Okay, okay okay, I dey come” I stood up from the bed grouchily, I found my boxers wore it, went to the wardrobe to rifle through my clothes trying to find any lose fitting shorts.

“Oga do sharp na” Tolu said his voice slightly irritated

I open the door marginally so that all he could see was my face and part of my upper body.

“Why u dey find me?”

“I no see u after match, wetin happen”

“I commot early noni” I was skeptical about his caring.


I had no reason to tell him the truth, but this was a conquest, I had to brag about it

“I bring one babe come house” I said with a smile

Tolu snickered and said “abeg”

“I dey serious” I said with a serious tone

“Oya where she con dey now?”

“Inside” I said with a smile

“Na lie joor”

There was only one way to prove myself, I looked back into the room to confirm bunmi was still asleep, when I was sure she was, I opened the door fully for Tolu to gaze inside, I saw the surprise on his face, I smiled and shut the door.

“Shey u believe now?” I asked still with my smile.

“How, how” he stuttered.

“How wetin”

“How you do am?

Still smiling i left him and walked back into the room, took my chair and placed it in front of the bed, I stared at her, she was still asleep but she faced me now, she looked so peaceful, but I couldn’t still place her, I couldn’t still figure her out, couldn’t figure her intentions, I felt she was here for a reason other than sex, but she seemed innocent and honest, my phone rang, I fumbled it out of my pocket, when I noticed the caller id, I rolled my eyes “ay again”, I picked the call.

“See I won go take my bath now, we go soon dey come” I said but he could put in a word

“Y una dey do like this na? people don they show already”

“Ay cool down, give us like 30 minutes, no vex”

“no fuck up” he said as he hung up.

I sighed, and stared at her again “what am I going to do about her?” I thought, I stripped my clothes and jumped into the bathroom, I was still thinking about her, what my next step would be with her, I got out from the bathroom with towel around my waist, she was awake already, I smiled at her.

“You are awake”

“Yes I am” she replied still grouchy

I walked to the wardrobe to pick up a clean boxers, i advanced towards the bathroom to change

“Have seen you naked, so you can change in front of me”

I looked at her, she was grinning, I unwrapped the towel, waited for some seconds before putting on my boxers

“Satisfied?” I asked when I was through

“Greatly” she replied.

I went back to the wardrobe to pick out what I’ll wear, I was thinking of how to get rid of her gently I didn’t want any backlash and I wanted whatever arrangement we have now to continue.

“I have a party to attend soon” I started, I wasn’t looking at her, I was facing the wardrobe “a friend’s birthday party, I have to leave soon, I hope you understand?” I said finally facing her

We stared at each other, she was still naked and her features still distracted me

“So you are trying to get rid of me?” she finally said

“No, no, not that, I would have invited you (I had no intention of doing that) but I figured you would have plans of your own, won’t want to impose on you”

“I have no plans whatsoever” she said, she stood up, still naked

“Would you invite me to your party?

I was flustered she was seducing me to invite her and it was working, maybe that was her plan all along I thought, Na it can’t be she just wants to spend time with me I guess

“Okay you can come, go home, change and meet me back here in 20 minutes can you do that?

“yes sir” she said, she dressed up and was out in less than 2 minutes I tried calling her back she had forgotten her bra “what sorta girl was this?’, I picked up the red bra, threw it into the wardrobe, my phone rang “this guy should stop disturbing na” I thought, I was surprised by the caller id it was Simi my girlfriend, I composed myself before picking the call


“Hi, sorry I missed your call; I was in the bus leaving work”

“Ok, no p, just wanted to check up on my sweetheart, how as work?”

“Work is good o, am preparing for the party now”

“What party” I asked alarmed

“Ay’s birthday of course, which other party?”

“Oh, oh, you didn’t tell me you would be attending” I was already sweating at this point

“Why won’t I, ay would kill me if I don’t come”

“Your voice sounds tired, just rest at home am sure ay would understand” I tried persuading her

“You don’t want me to come abi? I shouldn’t see your school girlfriends” I asked mockingly

“Stop joor, am just concerned about you, don’t want you to burn out, we have been really busy, I feel you need rest”

“Thanks for the concerned but am still coming, I see you at the party Richard” she said with finality as she hung up

“Am screwed

8 thoughts on “Wordless – pt2” by damilare oso (@damilareoso)

  1. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    Please clarify these lines… “Your voice sounds tired, just rest at home am sure ay would understand” I tried persuading her
    “You don’t want me to come abi? I shouldn’t see your school girlfriends” I asked mockingly”

    Are you the one asking and answering the questions?
    Besides, it’s ‘I’m’ not ‘am’, it’s annoying when people write am instead of I’m.

    Outside that you have a diamond here. Just work hard on editing, gaskia ne.

    1. @daireenonline,

      Verry annoying. Even in textspeak.

      I always say ” ‘am’ is not the short form of ‘I’m’. Im is”.

      Dude needs to calm down and allow his story breathe. He’s writing as if it’s a race.

    2. sorry for the errors, would try to recify then in the next post @myne

  2. Do you know what periods are? Use them to end all your sentences. Learn to use commas as well. Good story but take your time while writing to polish a little. You’ll be surprised how much your work will be improved.

  3. Thanks for taking out the time to type this @Myne is right , you need to end al your sentences with a full-stop, And try to read through to weed out errors. Kedu.

  4. Nice story but poorly edited. Listen to the earlier comments… Well done

  5. Interesting story, @damilareoso. This is better than your earlier efforts. I’m wondering how the MC will resolve his issue; he could simply disappear from his room and not turn up for the party.

    Take heed of the comments by others regarding your punctuation, especially the part about full-stops at the end of sentences (as mentioned by @myne).

  6. a bit better than the first installment

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