War of the Eras

War of the Eras

From the past the present is born.
The present is a reflection of the past.
The old men of today were young boys of yesteryears,
and the old women of yesteryears.

These are the ancients,
full of wisdom and life experience.
They who have seen it all.
The babies of yesteryears are matured.
They now have their own babies.
These babies are the modern ones.

The modern says the ancients’ time is past.
They don’t tap into it;

the wealth of experience offered by the ancient
neither do they want a share of their wisdom.
The ancient believes the modern lacks respect
and do not have patience.

The modern say the ancient is haggard,
the ancient accuses the young of being flashy.
The ancients don’t trust technology
the modern’s world revolves around technology.

The ancient will say,
“in our days/time, things were done like this….. That’s the BEST way to do it”.
The modern will say,
“old man relax, your time is archaic and past…. This is the EASIEST way to do things”.
for there to be improvement,
These war of eras must stop. Let there be compromise.
balance between the ancient and the modern, be maintained
May be the world might be a better place for it.

Learning is not for the proud.
but for the humble,
knowledge and wisdom abideth with .
Be humble, learn, make yourself worthy, become wise.
Learn from the ancients oh moderns.
Ancients know that there are easier and better way to do things.

quit complaining y’all and strike that balance.
That is what the world needs now and not your complaint.
Ancients upgrade yourself,
learn also from your children
learning and knowledge is not a one way road
but a dual carriage way,

O ye moderns, BE WARNED!
The wisdom of the past is not to be taken with levity,
it took a lot of years to accumulate

3 thoughts on “War of the Eras” by Epiphany (@ekalibeh)

  1. Great subject matter, especially important today.
    The mix of Victorian and slang English was clumsy. The work also seems poorly editted eg the old men of today were… the old women of yesteryears?
    Thanks for sharing this important message at this time.

  2. @ekalibeh,

    I like the theme of the clash between the young and the old.

    But there were quite a few grammatical errors: for example, you say “the ancient will say”. ‘Ancient’ can be used as a noun, but it should be plural – so ‘ancients’ instead of ‘ancient’.

    And then, the tone of the poem became very unpoetic at points – like where you say “old man relax, your time is archaic and past” – this feels more like you are telling a story than a poem.

    Keep writing.

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