The Unsong Heroes

Like an offlight to a rhapsody
The masses were shedding tears over subsidy
Strangulating the necks of the needy
A celebration of land mark by the greedy.
What a pity
A deluge of blood filled the city
In the process of driving home the masses hope
The ubiquitous death won their promising souls.
A pain felt to the bone marrow
A ravaging despair coupled with sorrow
What can the downtrodden do in the midst of fear
Except to fill the cup with hot tears.
A cry for the unsong
Chanting a melody of elegiac songs
For the helpless beats who succumbed to Ceasar
May their souls rest in perfect peace.


by smart4law.
Smart is a law undergrad f unilorin.

One thought on “The Unsong Heroes” by ali smart (@smart4law)

  1. What a poem with regular end rhyme patterns of aabbccddeeffgghi. Well done. That helped to convey the message of the unsung hero aptly. Thanks for sharing.

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