The Black Leg  (Poem)

The Black Leg (Poem)


Through the sun flakes
The moonlight shining
Even under the rainfall
We were always happy
It was like a gift
A melody playing
Tranquil and peaceful
We were two sweethearts

Until that day came
He walked into our lives
Brought visions of confusion
Ignited the embers of hate
Scattered our mind

He was my best friend
The one I knew from childhood
The one I trusted with my life
He was gorgeous, every woman’s dream
Kind like an Aussie
He looked every bit foreign
White like the moon
His face was sheer beauty
He loved me, I treasured him as a brother

But it all ended that night
I came back with rage fanning my guts
What was mine was in his arms
Sweating with loud moans
Twisting and dancing
To the music of rampant thrust
Eating of my woman’s creamy parts

Like a ghost, I was speechless
My mind flipped
My heart raced
I staggered in shock
Betrayal laughing at my face
Pain filled my eyes
It was like a bad dream
I begged death to take me

As I walked down the road of no return
My body shattered and bloody
Filled with hatred and anger
My mind made an orphan
My loyalty and trust misplaced
My world crashed
I can only remember
How I walked into the speeding car
With one thought
To end my life.

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A piece of creative writing bƔ
Alexander Thandi Ubani
A Poet, writer, Novelist and Thespian.

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  1. A tragedy indeed.God have mercy

  2. @sambright, a tragedy indeed. Thanks for reading.
    @Topazo, thanks too for reading…

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