Struggles of Eroding Growth

Struggles of Eroding Growth

Alas, at last
All like a dream
Each as an unfulfilled promise
The land of milk is with a twinkle,
twinkle, no, a second,
a nanosecond even,
of the tick of the clock
turned into the sea of sour ginger.

Our cocoa pitches
where farmers and weeds
engage in a battle of supremacy
and, of course, ownership
of our cocoa balls.
The government serves our coach
and land our manager.
Where are they?
Our vintage of the late mid-nineties.

Oh! Horror looms
as modernity turns vampire
to suck our culture
of its blood of tradition.

Our huts of clay impenetrable
are turned into bullet-piercing high rises.

The failed promises failed not
in drying our wells of wealth.

A dwarfing giant,
Your souls are lost
in the battles and prattles of eroding growth.

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