Stolen Dreams

Stolen Dreams

Stolen Dreams

They are big.

They are colorful.
They are different.
They want to run free.

There is joy and fulfillment whenever i feel it.
They are my greatest possessions.
Sometimes people say they are stupid.
Other times they say it’s brilliant.
But never was it ever taken from me.
I was sometimes encourage to let it run free.

Now you persecute me.
Now you abuse and insult me.
‘idiot’,’stupid’ are just few of the words that echo in my head.
They are slipping away.
Slowly and surely they desert me.
Gradually they begin to wither.

All i need is someone to care.
Someone to tell me to keep on.
Someone to trust me.
Someone to believe in me.
Someone to tell me that they are not stupid.

Now i fear it.
I am disconnected from life.
Now you make me ashamed of my greatest possession.
I can’t stand to have them any longer.
You make me cry because i dared to have it.
Depression is ashamed to be upon me.

It comes nonetheless.
Will a smile ever visit me?
Laughter is now alien to my very being.
I no longer have interests.
I no longer live.
I am only in existence.

10 thoughts on “Stolen Dreams” by Epiphany (@ekalibeh)

  1. @ekilbeh one thing that endears me to this poem is the graphics.lovely

  2. Hmm.

    Not bad. Bare…but not bad.

    1. @Seun-Odukoya, thanks for the honesty.

  3. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    Argh… I felt this… kudos bhai, emotive.

    1. that’s great… i hope it stirs the emotions of other people too

  4. touching…

    1. good to hear it.. I actually cried when I was writing it… don’t tell anyone ’cause I’ll deny it

  5. i saw dat. U cried. It is nyc,nd thou some may deny it, its true 4most exist rada dan live

    1. @darlene if they try denying it, they lie to themselves…. geez, you are not supposed to hear/see that… anyways, it’s the truth…

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