Something dey inside my Mama Food

Something dey inside my mama food
No be lie.
The taste and aroma na die,
You fit go London come back nothing like am
Or America sef, chai na wire.

Something dey inside my mama food
Wey dey make me think about am day and night,
Like person wey don shack ogogoro.
No be mouth I dey make
I dey tell you the truth.

Something dey inside my mama food
No be just the orisirisi, but
The love wey she pack like maggi put inside.
Chai, I no fit leave my mama food
I don lick my hand front and back,
I nearly cut am comot.

Something dey inside my mama food
Her food na ogbonge
Nobody cook reach my mama,
Nobody even be like my mama
Because her food dey totori me everyday
If I eat am, I go dey see well-well
Why I nor go like my mama?

Something dey inside my mama food jare.
This one pass magic,na love.
Na im hold me tight like rope for here
As music dey play tinkonko
Inside my head.

Something dey inside my mama food
I beg Papa God, if you give me wife
Make my wife sabi the love wey
My mama dey take cook for me ooo.
This one na my prayer to you,
I know say you don already answer me.

Something dey inside my mama food
You sef con try am and see.

11 thoughts on “Something dey inside my Mama Food” by sambright (@sambrightomo)

  1. Interesting poem,the imagery,rhythm.Drinking Ogogoro and thinking day and night doesn’t jell.

    1. Thank you for reading…thinking day and night and ogogoro doesnt jell? Really? @khadijahmuhammad

  2. Something dey my mama’s food true true.
    Chop knuckle jare, you sabi better thing!

    1. Thank you for reading @nicolebassey, God bless you.

      1. One more thing, watch out for a pidgin short story-water palava.

  3. Yes really,even though it is your poem.It is left for the reader to see what she wants to see.That is what makes poetry unique.@sambright.

    1. i don hear you.

  4. i don hear you.

  5. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    Well done. Love the pidgin wen you take write this one. A befitting ode. I won’t dare knock for my love of mothers… :d

    1. awwww @dareenonline thank u for ur comments.I am sure u r a mother and I knw u r a good one.Thank u.

  6. @sambrightomo, your use of pidgin English is great……..

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