Question for my Rose!

Is the Rose naked?
why is their beauty obvious?
Why compare me with a Rose?
Beauty and bold!

Tell me, is there a way to survive?
Is there a way to be better?
Why is the Rose among thorns?
thriving not to be concealed!

Do Roses has just a dress?
It glitters but would it not wear out?
Why planted amongst troubles?
Knowing it needs a better marble!

How many steps will it take to walk a life?
Why is the pain of thorns unbearable?
Shouldn’t it slow me down?
For amidst my strength lies my weakness!

Oh me! Why cry?
Why these questions of recurring,
Of the eyes that vainly crave the light,
Of the struggle ever renewed?

Why do I see crowd?
Are they my family and love ones?
Why reproach myself?
My rod craves for just an almond!

The questions, oh me! the Rose,
The Rose grown amongst thorns,
Oh me! Oh life!
Beautifully seen but struggle I me!

6 thoughts on “Question for my Rose!” by Edward Chinwendu. (@wendy)

  1. Nice work, but you need to pay close attention to editing.The smallest of grammar rules are ignored and it sometimes deal us more blow than the obvious ones.Lines 9 for example /Do Roses has just a dress?/ I believe it should be have not has.

    All the same, well done and thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, it’s noted!

  2. Nice allegory. it’s like saying the best metal must be forged by the blacksmith’s gorge

    1. Yea you re right. Thanks.

  3. Reminds me of Johnny Cash’s I Walk The Line.

    Nice effort but could have been better. Keep writing.

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