Ojuolape; Hell Hath No Fury (Part 1)

Yemi sat in his living room, eyes tired, mouth heavy. It had been a long day at work. He had to finish all the proposals for the Coca Cola deal. His office was fully air conditioned, but the heat wave in Abuja countered it’s effect. Rubbing his temple with one hand and unbuttoning his shirt with the other. He got up and switched off the tv. He could walk without his crotches but it hurt a lot when he did. Limping all the way through his corridor, using the walls as support, he was completely distracted by his pain.

Groping around the room in the darkness, he hit his leg against the frame of the bed and cursed aloud. He bent slowly to rub his shin and relief himself of pain. Then he heard a giggle. A female giggle.

“Who’s there?” he called out.

“I’ve missed you.”

He moved back a few steps and reached for his golf bag.

“Who is that ?”

“You don’t recognize my voice ?”

“O..Oju? Oju is that you ?” Yemi instantly became cold.

“You guessed right.” She giggled again.

“O.. Oju h..ho..how ? Is this a joke ? ” he stammered.

“Joke ? Joke ke ?”

“Impossible. It has been… almost a year.”

“8months.”  she said, breaking him off.

“Wait. Wait, how did you get in ?” He asked, scared to his gut.

“Come into bed baby.”

She turned on the bed lamp and they both took a minute to adjust to the light. Looking at her, he saw her lips thin to reveal a Cheshire cat grin.

Yemi’s eyes widened in disbelief, “Why ? Why ? Why are you here ? ” He put both hands on his head, “Oju please.”, and made an attempt to kneel. He winced in pain and decided against it.

“Please what ? Don’t kneel for me Yemi, you’re hurting my feelings.” She said, suddenly serious.

“Feelings ?!” He whispered. By this time, Yemi had broken out a sweat and was reduced to trembles.

“Yemi, Yemi my darling.” she dragged, reaching out to touch him.

He jumped back and landed on his bad leg nearly knocking his bookshelf over. He prayed that If this wasn’t a dream that he die in that instant.

She took off her blouse and eased out of her mini skirt. He saw the scar that ran across the entire length of her neck. She sat on her bent knees that accentuated her curves and cocked her head to the side, to show case her now healed injuries in better light.

“Come, come here.” She ordered gently, patting the bed.

Yemi’s legs gave way and buckled under shock. He began to cry and crawled with his arms out of the bedroom.

“Hard to get, I love it.” She thought.

He moved as fast as his arms would allow. He heard her footsteps behind him but when he looked back but she wasn’t there. Panic stricken he crawled faster, only to realize she was her standing in front of him with a knife in her hand.  That was his last living memory.


Yemi had first seen her at his friend’s birthday party. He was casually surveying the party when his eyes fell on her. She was plump with luminescent fair skin. She sat on a table fidgeting with her phone and looked up occasionally to smile at people. Bells rang in his head, she was gorgeous. So very gorgeous. How come he’d never seen her before ?  Unashamed, he asked all his busybody friends but not one of them seemed to know her name or where she came from.

When it was time to eat, he took a spot behind her on the line for the buffet. She was very short, even with her heels. After she put some Efo on her plate, Yemi made a comment on how delicious it looked but she ignored him. He repeated himself. She looked over shoulder and snarled ever so slightly. Yemi convinced himself she mustn’t have heard him.

After he ate the little on his plate, he found himself walking up to her to introduce himself.

“Hi, I’m Yemi.”

She eyed his hand that was stretch forth for a handshake. Then she eyed him. The smile on Yemi’s face quickly wiped off. He pulled a seat beside her and sat. After 20 minutes of making a one sided conversation and feeling like a great fool, he got up and left.

With all her rudeness, he only wanted her more, in fact, he established in his mind that he liked her already. The party went on and he continued to watch her. He was swept into conversations and was introduced to people but he never once took his eyes off her. The crowd began to die down and the DJ began to play slow music signaling the end of the event. His ex-girlfriend, Chineye was the celebrant. He politely dragged her out of a conversation and asked about the rude girl.

“Who?” Chineye asked.

“Her in blue.”

“Her ?”

“Chineye ! God don’t point !” Yemi said, slapping his face. Subtlety was not Chineye’s strong suit.

“Sorry now, I’m not sure who you’re referring to. There are like 3 girls wearing blue there.”

“Fair like this, in the navy blue one.”

“Oh. Her ? Oju ?” Chineye asked with a hint of disgust.

“Yes her.” Yemi said defensively.  “ Oju.. hmmm.. Is there a last name?”

“Carson, Ojuolape Carson.”

“Who is she ?”

“Is this why you pulled me out ? I was in the middle of something.”

“By something you mean flirting with that idiot ? You know he has a wife ?”

“NO ! He doesn’t. He doesn’t. He does not. Does he ?”

“He does.” Yemi gave her the sternest look.

“Why are men such bastards?” Chineye complained.

“You need to be more observant Chichi, didn’t you notice the tan line on his wedding finger? Anyway back to Oju.”

“I didn’t.” Oju said, feeling stupid.

“Back to Oju !” Yemi said a little louder.

“Must you shout ?” Chineye barked.

“I’m sorry.” Yemi smiled a silly smile, trying to placate her. Chineye was always very sensitive when things didn’t go her way, It wasn’t any fault of his that the guy was married.

“She went to Howard in America and she’s like 24 or something.”

“And ?” Yemi asked, prying for more information.

“And I don’t really know her.”

“Then why is she at your party ?” Yemi asked.

Chineye loved Yemi enough to hide her frustration. She sighed then asked, “Do you remember my aunt Ladun?”

“The one that married the oyinbo guy ?” Yemi asked, answering her question with a question.

Chineye nodded.

“Yeah, that’s her daughter. And Momsi made me invite her.”

“Any dirt ?”

“Momsi told me she went through a traumatic heartbreak in 09 and she’s just recovering.”

“That’s what ?” Yemi counted his fingers audibly “5 years ? Damn.”

“So she was like 19 or something at the time.”

Yemi face was a mask of confusion.

“I know, I feel sorry for her.” Chineye said with a face filled with sadness. “If the heartbreak was that serious, can you imagine the magnitude of the love she felt for him?” Chineye got lost in her own words and the both of them kept quiet for a minute.

After reading her expression, Yemi asked “Are you jealous ? ”

Chineye looked at him bashfully. “Sort of, I’ve never known any love like that.”

Even though they had broken up ages ago, it still hurt him that she said that.

Dismissing the thought, he asked for her phone. He went through her phonebook and sent himself Oju’s number.


Yemi had never worked so hard to get a woman’s attention or affection. He called. He texted. He pulled some strings and found out where she worked. He sent flowers there. He pulled more strings and found out where she lived and sent gifts there. And she still refused to go out with him. Yemi began to doubt prowess. One day, after he had left 3 missed calls, she called him back. Yemi looked at his phone with a mixture of doubt and happiness. After clearing his throat numerous times, he picked up

“Hello?” he said coolly.

“One date and you’ll leave me the hell alone ?” She said. This was the first time he actually heard her voice. It was husky and had a faint American accent. He liked her voice.

“I’m just asking for a chance baby.” He said smiling.

“I’m not your baby.” She said with irritation.

“I’ll text you my address, pick me up at 8:30 tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow ?”

“If you can’t do tomorrow then goodbye.”

“No tomorrow is great. I love tomorrow.”

“Ugh, bye.”

Yemi did his victory dance and went back to work.



I haven’t written in a while and this was sort of a self reminder  that I was still capable of drawing images with words. And I took advice from someone who said I should let my my characters dialogue.

13 thoughts on “Ojuolape; Hell Hath No Fury (Part 1)” by Maria Somorin (@mariasomorin)

  1. Zikora (@Zikora)

    Would like to know how they started. Few mistakes tho….u missed out words in sentences. Nothing you can’t notice and correct when you re-read.

    1. How they started what ?

        1. The eventual relationship…..on your next installments…. just anticipation on my part.

  2. Then you should do some more dialogues. This is going all right and you will get the hang of it soon. Few mistakes but you will see them on a reread.. Well done. Keep writing. $ß.

    1. I usually write in the first person, so this is something of a challenge and yes, I hope so.

  3. Olan (@Olan)

    I like this…..whooo, looks like another crazy lover. Lol. As the others pointed out, there were some typos and missing words. Keep writing.

  4. Olan (@Olan)

    I like this…..whooo, looks like another crazy lover. Lol. As the others pointed out, there were some typos and missing words. Keep writing…..one last thing dear, ‘crutches’, not ‘crotches’

  5. The dialogues work really good.
    I’m intrigued….I’d love to see where it goes.

  6. owseaman (@owseaman)

    good try for a change…. weldone

  7. Nice……

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