Naija Stories Meetup Owerri

Naija Stories Meetup Owerri

One of the good things about the internet, social networks, BBM et al is that it helps us realise how nice offline ‘dates’ can be. So when there was a very big chance for an NS meet in Owerri, I was very excited.

After lots of preparation by Pinkgoth and I (Jaywriter), an NS Meet was held on 30th March 2013.

In attendance was:






Silva Bright

Victor Ozurumba

Brownhill Udeh

Chidi Udensi

Michael Oduocha

I had hoped for something that’d be fun and (more importantly) also involve some form of (serious) writing. So a writing contest was included in the programme. A theme/idea was given and each participant wrote either a poem or a short story of less than one hundred words on the theme. The theme/idea chosen was ‘behind enemy lines’. Life, dogs, satan, dreams et al were few interpretations of ‘enemies’ we got.

The winner, Silva Bright, was announced after a short session of contemplation between the judges and he walked away with a cash prize of Five Thousand Naira.

We also had a quiz session. Questions about writers and their works were thrown to the audience and each correct answer had a recharge card reward.

Before the close of the event, we received positive feedback from everyone. We realized they have craved this kind of gathering  a long time. We listened to Pinkgoth read one of her yet-to-be titled poems and we also listened to her read Jefsaraurmax’s The way her light shines on me.

We smiled, laughed a few times, took some pictures and hoped for another such gathering very soon.

Here are some of the pictures.

WOTS Contest (7)


WOTS Contest (6)

WOTS Contest (5)

WOTS Contest (4)

WOTS Contest (3)

WOTS Contest (2)

Pinkgoth, gozzygoz and Michael

Pinkgoth reading out stories

Pinkgoth giving out the 5k NS WOTS Prize (1)

Pinkgoth giving out pizes (3)

NS Meet Owerri - Group Photo

Nkemjika, Brownhill and Victor


Judging the contest


Gozzygoz and Michael

67 thoughts on “Naija Stories Meetup Owerri” by Jaywriter (@jaywriter)

  1. Tehehehehehe
    @jaywriter, you know say you be my guy!
    How far with that babe with the tatoo and nice nails?
    Please, confirm if she is my prescription.

    1. And what is that guy with a brown jacket feeling like?
      Does he come out on TV?

      1. @kaycee – I doubt if she is oh. But you can always find out your self. And about the jacket, isn’t that a nice jacket?

      2. Nice one @jaywriter. @kaycee, no comment. I wonder when Lagos people go organise another meet sef. @seun-odukoya @shaifamily

        1. @banky be dia “wandering” 2 times no show for Lagos meet….plus plenty unoffical *meats sef.

          1. @shaifamily unofficial ‘meets’ are okay na, if I really understand what that means.

          2. @shaifamily unofficial ‘meets’ are okay na, if I really understand what that means, hehehehehehehe.

            1. @jaywriter U no go understand jooor.

  2. wow! looks like a really cool outing. but i think there was too much of competition and less of what i expected, like discussions on writing in nigeria, have you noticed that there is almost no market for novels and novellettes in nigeria? except the govt recomends your book to secondary schools. Have you also notice that unlike what we have in new york and other developed cities where books are reviewed and ranked, we in nigeria practically do not know when a book is published or when it disapears from the market. i expected stuff like dat to come up as discussion topics, you can never udermine the power of a group of persons, no matter how small. to the organisers of this meeting/date, my thumbs are up!

    1. @basseyperfecta

      Healthy competition is good na. How else are we going to improve? We discussed too. I jwanted everyone to have fun and we all did.


  3. There are some punctuations and spelling errors in my comment, I pray you don’t mind. I would not have bothered to add this comment, but I am kind of allergic to speaking poor english. (not to say that I dont speak pidgin sha o! lol!)

    1. Woman, you talk plenty.

      1. @kaycee, I guess this is the beginning of a witch-hunt. I should have read the hand writing on the wall that said ‘stay away from this guy’. Your comment is insulting! I have a freedom to express myself and I do so Intelligently.

        1. @kaycee I agree (hehehe). In btw, U better find ur way back – unless u no longer use a bb sha.

          1. @basseyperfecta: Hee hee hee! You are wondering at @kaycee. Hee hee hee. Oh well.

            I think you raise some serious points on the issue of works, readership and the like. There’s much to be done. Well, guess the main idea of the meet was mainly fun, and having a good time as @jaywriter said. All the other discussions can go on here…
            Would want to engage you in discussion someday on your views about writing, publishing and the way forward someday.

    2. @basseyperfecta I didn’t even notice them that much.


  4. Mehn,this is nice.i hope one day, the NSers at Abuja will also call a meetup.

      1. @louis: One day we would see to it… Would you REALLY be game?

  5. Zikora (@Zikora)

    This looked like fun…..could have something like NS ‘Writers’ Summit’ one day and it can take place anywhere in the world. It would be like a nice holiday thing for NS members to meet and draw inspiration from each other as well as their surrounding….have classes and discuss the way forward for literature exposure in Nigeria.

    And it won’t hurt to just partyyy! and put faces to the geniuses on NS. (Pardon my wild imagination).

    Well done @Jaywriter!

    1. I totally agree. @Zikora

  6. Zikora (@Zikora)

    @kaycee….thought u are a good christian guy. Hehehee! #tongueincheek.

    1. @zikora, what did i do? I was talking to my old friend @jaywriter.

      1. Zikora (@Zikora)

        You did not do anything wrong. I’m just reveling in the fact u like girls! #youknowiamplayingright?

  7. @zikora…you thought @kaycee is what? I doubt the devil wld want him in hell for fear of competition.

    @jaywriter, this was a nice one..really nice. The pics are cute too.

  8. Zikora (@Zikora)

    @sibbylwhyte…..LMAO! I am still a newbie so I am finding out.

    1. @Zikora, i will give you my address. You will find out first hand.
      @sibbylwhyte, who was that guy you left me for again, i forget. @chemokopi abi?
      I never forgive you.

      1. Zikora (@Zikora)

        Lol @kaycee…..I patiently await your address!

      2. @zikora. Now you know. If you are a female, stay clear o!

        @kaycee. Me? Leave you? For where? If you can’t see the ties that bind us, then you are the one who left. Now I get to sue your pants off in court. Hehehe.

  9. olajumoke omisore (@olajumoke)

    @jaywriter, thanks for posting and keeping us informed. I bet it was a good event. I would have loved it. @sibbylwhyte….lol, that was funny.

    1. @olajumoke Thanks for reading and commenting.

      1. @jaywriter must respond every time? Make I hear word biko….

        1. @shaifamily, I just tire for the guy. I still use a BB now, what’s up with that NS group that year?

          1. @shaifamily @kaycee: ah-ahn, leave the guy na!! Haba! :)

          2. @kaycee the thing scatter…like stuffs like dt does with time…with little “help” from u sef!!!

  10. Beautiful pictures…You guys sure had a wonderful time; it is all over you… Such meetings help to foster alliance and make this community an interesting one.

    1. @sambrightomo thanks, that what we hope for.

  11. Zikora (@Zikora)

    I noticed it was only two ladies at the event though…..wonder what that signifies. Maybe there are more men to go around now as opposed to years of speculating there were more women than men?? lol

    Or does it mean there are fewer females interested in literature and writing?? Or maybe the rest just could not attend?

    1. @Zikora

      Why don’t you fix on one of such and make that your answer?

      I mean – in other words, you already know the answers to the above questions. Why ask?

      In other news…

      Well done, Jaywriter. It’s nice to see/know that things like this will keep going on. Nice one.

      And of course…to all the NSers…

      Keep going.

      1. Zikora (@Zikora)

        @Seun-Odukoya….I really can’t say.

    2. More men write I think. I am not sure but I feel so.

      1. Zikora (@Zikora)

        I think so too @jaywriter.

  12. @jaywriter: thanks a lot for reading my poem.The pictures look nice.I wish I could have been there… :-)
    @kaycee, nice to see that you don’t change… :-)
    @zikora,there are women on NS, maybe they couldn’t attend.Some of us don’t live exactly in the same neighborhood…. :-)

    1. Zikora (@Zikora)

      @Jefsaraurmax…..that’s true. I should know that.

    2. @jefsaraurmax.
      Hey, been a while. Glad to hear from you again. Thought of sending you a mail last week.

      1. Nearly does not….

    3. @jefsaraurmax thanks for reading. Maybe next time, you’ll be here, Christopher Nolan style.

  13. What? There was no music, no dancing? Lol! The pictures are quite telling though. This needs to happen more often.

    1. @SharonWrites There was some soft blues towards the end. There wasn’t any dancing though. Maybe we’ll dance to Bruce Springsteen’s Tougher Than The Rest at the next meet, loooooooooooool

  14. I like the tattoed hands….

    1. Me too. It’s very cute and artistic.

  15. Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

    Love the effort, More Kudi to all una agbada. NS is for sure going places. Next for NS is to open up a publishing house. And the people say, Amen!! Anyways hopeful I can organize a meet up here in my area, but i doubt any Ns people stay around my vicinity.

    1. @wordsfromuyi

      NS peeps are everywhere oh. I just discovered that.

      And isn’t NS a publishing house already?

      Thanks man.

  16. This is beautiful @Jaywriter. Quite a resurrection too.

    @bubbillinna, I hope it wasn’t @kaycee that scared you away.

    @seun-odukoya, I read your ‘For Days and A Night’. It’s nice. I love the concept and artworks…

    By the way guys another meet is holding next month in Venus. Free transport for all…

    1. @francis

      Thank you so much. Bless God.

      Really. I’m glad you like it.

  17. Nice one indeed….has motivated me for timely meetups in Osun State. Big ups!

  18. M happy bou the postv feedbaqs

  19. Lol Hw cn I edit ds comments Dnt noe why they appearing one, one

  20. Sounds like fun. Last time I attended one of those was a year ago, since then I have become entangled by work and travelling….. wish I could get the time.

    1. @elovepoetry Make out time for such events oh. Helps free the spirit of the artist.

  21. Okay, this was totally lovely. Great shots.
    @jaywriter: thumbs up. Everyone who could attend: well, great.
    Well done.

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