Musings Of A Hustler (episode 19)

I was torn between picking the call and ignoring it. I looked at the phone for some seconds and like a person entranced, I shifted my gaze to Uncle Emmanuel who was now staring at me with a questioned look.

“Who is it?” he asked.

Rather than reply him, I showed him my phone revealing the name of the Aunty Mabel.

He then nonchalantly put the phone back on the table and simply said; ‘ignore it’. The phone rang one more time and stopped.

Like nothing had happened, he merely continued where he stopped before being interrupted.

He then planted his mouth on my bosoms, flicking his tongue on my nipples. I was slow to respond frightened by the possibility that Aunty Mabel may have got wind that I was with her husband.

A few more touches from Uncle Emmanuel and I completely forgot about Aunty Mabel.


By now, he had moved his hands into my skirt, caressing my laps, then reached for my pants and pulled them off.

He then made me lie on the bed, resting on him and putting my laps across his. Swiftly, he eased down his trousers, brought out a condom from his wallet and tore it open. I parted his boxers and grabbed his dick out. It was stiff, swollen, hard and ready for action. I caressed it a bit, stroking the shaft gently and teasing the tip a bit.

Uncle Emmanuel then wore the condom, directed it into my now wet cunt and gently lowered my waist to descend on it. In one swift movement, his dick was inside me, sending sensual waves of excitement all over me.

Then the phone rang again. This time, he didn’t wait for me to pick it. Still inside me, he reached for the phone and swiftly switched it off while a quick realization hit me that this was my aunt’s husband I was screwing.

Crazy and weird as it may sound, the realization that he was my uncle kind of added to the excitement and sense of adventure I felt.

I bit my lips as I rose and slammed my arse on his dick again, again and again. My sexual appetite had been awoken by Uncle Emmanuel and I was on going wild, like I just discovered a new paradise. I moved my hips forward and backwards in a crude way, it was so fierce and violent.

Uncle Emmanuel held my hips to slow me down a bit. But the feeling of his hands on my bare buttocks just sent some spark into me sending me into frenzy and I increased my thumping and became more vicious. With the look on his face, you would think he felt his dick was going to break in the process. After series of thrusts, I came as I heard him grunt- a sign he was about to cum.

He left his dick inside me for some minutes before pulling out. We both were sweating profusely. Gradually and slowly, aided by the air conditioner, we both drifted to sleep.

After two more rounds of intense and wild sex, it was around 11 pm.

Uncle Emmanuel dressed up and asked if he should drop me off or if I would prefer to sleep over there. I chose the former. Then I asked him how he and I should handle Aunt Mabel to which he only answered;

Don’t worry’. I‘ll take care of my end. Just send her a text tomorrow that you were not with your phone when she called”.

About twenty minutes time, we were already speeding off and was almost about to get to my place when Uncle Emmanuel slowed down at the junction leading to my house when swiftly and out of nowhere, a Toyota Prado jeep cornered our car and two fearsome looking men armed with AK 47s stormed out pointing the guns at us and threatening to shoot. I just sat in the car, frozen, unable to move.


18 thoughts on “Musings Of A Hustler (episode 19)” by Ayoks (@sucess001)

  1. Ghen ghen… Gobe is brewing. Aunt Mabel is not smiling attol.. L☺l

  2. HmMmmm someone is gonna die today loool…jesu christi

    Jenny should stop calling him uncle cos she has screwed the uncle’s beauns out already..

  3. I read in one of your previous episodes that the MC had a strict Christian upbringing. With the way she now relishes her incestious acts, it feels unreal that all her good moral upbringing could disappear into thin air due to a singular rape incident she experienced as a mature adult.

    Keep writing.

    1. @estee it is a possibility, the consequences of rape are diverse, increased sexual appetite and promiscuity being one of them

      1. Enough to make nonsense of “train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it”?

        #justthinking @topazo

        1. Yes @estee…its a well established fact

  4.…you think is aunt mabel?

  5. @Estee…a rape incident can cause that and more derie.

    besides, most criminals usually start off from good families….

    good christian upbringing dont mean anythin about your future.

    thanks for reading still…

  6. “…lower my waist to descend on it” am not feeling that line… ‘Lower’ and ‘descend’ in the same breath? Check: “cum”

  7. @ayoks after the long wait,its too short na………whats Aunty Mabel up to?

  8. Hired assassins ja?

  9. Kidnappers! Woah who will be the ransome?? Aunty Mabel?? Buwahahahaha! They will explain what they were doing together on the road and at that time of the night then Aunty Mabel will leave them to be killed…lol.

    @Ayoks…..been too long, this one is a bit short though.

  10. *pay the ransome*

  11. Am waitin(ayoks) pls… Watt happened?

  12. Just like I suggested in the previous post,”their cup don full”or is it full yet?only time will tell,nice one @Ayoks ,I really enjoyed reading this.

  13. I hope to God they are kidnappers. Let’s see how they explain it to Mabel.
    The girl always had the animal in her, rape gave her an excuse to unleash it.
    Well done. $ß.

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