Mickey Jay: Memoirs Of A Lagos Playboy (X)

Mickey Jay: Memoirs Of A Lagos Playboy (X)

August 11th, 2012.
10: 15pm.

I need not go into details on how horrible things went after the accident. Just so you’d know, the damage to the Range Sport was not half as bad as “Madam Blue Gele” made it to be. My car had scrapped the fender and had caused a little dent…ok, I admit, the dent wasn’t little. I was actually lucky to miss damaging the headlight. If I had, Lord knows what might have happened.
Anyhow, that incident very nearly topped my list of “shittiest things to have ever happened to me”. I had to part with over fifty grand to get Madam Blue Gele off my back and for peace to reign. She and her passenger were merciless with the Yoruba invectives. I was too deflated to get into my “jaguda” attitude. It was more of the awakening of my conscience to poke a peppery finger in my eye than fear because really, it wasn’t my fault. I was kind of depressed after that. I cursed the danfo driver who was the cause of this misfortune. He was lucky to have sped off. My fist would certainly have given him a piece of my mind.

I had sorted out myself with Madam Blue Gele after twenty to thirty minutes of intense argument and negotiation during which time, a LASTMA official and two police officers had arrived the scene hoping to benefit from my misfortune. They promptly left us when they saw no gainful avenue to be relevant. We visited the nearest ATM where I withdrew some money to pay my unfortunate debt. After that, I headed straight to the Festac hotel where Kemi and Fanny were, feeling depressed and still a bit shaken. I had received over six messages and eight missed calls in that thirty minute interval but I paid them no mind.

I seriously considered calling off the threesome party. These series of unfortunate events seemed to be a sort of omen, a warning sign from the gods to desist from going through with it. First, Christy coming back to Lagos unannounced and now this accident that cost me some serious bucks. Did I mention that my own headlight got damaged? My spending because of this accident was far from over. I decided it would be sort of awkward if I didn’t show up. Kemi and Fanny would be cross with me if I failed to show up.

On the other hand, there’s something awfully stubborn about me. The more I meet resistance, the more I become convinced that I have to go through that resistance to achieve my aim. Nothing exciting comes easy. A curious tenet to live by, I know. Particularly, in the present circumstance. I made up my mind to make the best of it. Really, what’s the worst that could happen, I reasoned. Well, I drove on; more carefully this time.

When I got to the hotel, I went right up to room 127, ignoring the smug smile on the face of the reception desk manager as I passed the reception. He could smile all he wanted. I still was a bit depressed to care or even give a hoot about his thoughts on my arrangement. I paused as I heard voices of laughter coming from the room. I tried to listen in but I couldn’t hear much. The television was on and the volume was loud. I used the key card and let myself in. A thick cloud of pot smoke bathed my face so I shut the door quickly behind me before the perfumed smoke escaped into the hall way. Kemi and Fanny were both sitting on the long couch, completely nude, laughing heartily. I must say the sight of two pairs of perky breasts cheered me up considerably. Fanny had a half smoked joint between her fingers. On the table in front of them was a half empty bottle of Alize, two drinking glasses, an ash tray, a packet of Benson and Hedges, a packet of Bond roll-up papers and a small transparent nylon with green leaves inside.

“The man of the hour!” Fanny said, raising her glass to me in mock salute through a haze of smoke which escaped her lips. Kemi laughed and lifted her glass and stood up. I stood transfixed, a smile gradually spreading across my face as my eyes feasted hungrily on nudity, my woes of the day temporarily forgotten. She came towards me, hips swaying, glass in hand in that mean seductive catwalk of hers.

“What took you so long?” She asked, her eyes rolling, her lips smiling. One hand went over my neck and she pulled me close and buried her lips in mine.

“I had an…” I mumbled and let my reply hang as her kiss fired me up. I pulled her closer, my hands sliding from her slim hips down to her butt. I grabbed her fleshy butt cheeks. Damn! I was certainly going to miss this, I thought.

“Hold it right there…” Fanny called out, stubbing out the blunt before coming to join us. Kemi broke off and whispered in my ear. “I forget I have to share.” She laughed.

Fanny was quite something. Her skin glowed and I suddenly realized she wasn’t as dark as I thought the first time we met. Her skin was fair and spotless. She was slim, model-like with curves. Not as pronounced as Kemi’s but really nice. Her breasts were smaller and her nipples pink. She had a red flower tattoo around her belly button. She came and gave me a kiss on my lips, tentatively at first. She felt different. Different in a good way. She proceeded for a full-tongued saliva exchange. Her lips probed my mouth without restraint now. Her mouth grabbed my tongue and sucked on it. I opened my eyes wondering what this was. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to enjoy it. I saw Kemi frown in amusement as she studied Fanny with renewed interest as she kissed me.

Fanny pulled back suddenly. She smiled and said, “Let’s not get too carried away, shall we?” Kemi laughed knowingly and nodded.

Both ladies led me to the couch, Kemi holding my left hand, Fanny holding my right. By this time, I had totally forgotten about Madam Blue Gele, her identically dressed passenger and her white Range Sport. My mind bore just two colors at the moment; chocolate Kemi and fanta-colored Fanny. I had a preview of their backsides and Kemi came tops effortlessly again. I was gently positioned in between the sexy nude ladies on the couch and just as I wondered what the hell I was still doing fully dressed, Fanny reached out and unbuttoned my shirt; Kemi went for my belt, button and zip. In a few seconds, I was bare, just as they were. My clothes were all over the large suite where they had been flung. Kemi handed me her glass which she had filled up with pinkish liquid of Alize and I hurriedly slugged it down. Fanny had expertly rolled up a lovely joint which she lit and handed to me. I collected while Kemi took the empty glass from me and refilled. Aah…such pampering. Just what I needed.

I took a hit of the joint and as I exhaled, I broke into a dry cough. They both laughed. “Be gentle with it. Don’t hit it so hard.” Fanny said, laughing.

“Happens to me all the time.” I said, my voice hoarse. “My first hit always makes me cough.”

“Are you ok?” Kemi asked, with some concern that flattered me.

“Oh, don’t worry. He’s ok.” Fanny said dismissively. “Meanwhile, you’ve got quite an impressive toy.” She continued, gently stroking my erection. I squirmed feeling sensations.

“So I’m told.” I replied, modestly. She continued to massage my ego. I blew out rich smoke nonchalantly, trying hard to ignore the amazing sensation I felt. I continued to puff and smoke the joint till I felt the stimulant start to kick in. I spread my hands on the couch feeling like a king as both ladies snuggled in. Fanny hands ran through my hairy chest and well formed six packs.

“You’ve got a great body. Do you work out?” She asked.

“Occasionally.” I said modestly.

Kemi was quiet through this. She just watched us both intently. She wasn’t as free as I expected she’d be but there’s always a first time. I felt totally at ease despite this being my first threesome experience.

“So, I see how you’ve been staring at Kemi like she was beef sausage ready to be wolfed down at a moments notice.” Fanny said, breaking into my thoughts. I laughed and so did Kemi.

“I’m the stranger here and I’m a strong believer in equity and fairness.” She continued unabashedly. “Before we proceed, there’s going to be some ground rules…”

“Rules? That’ll take all the fun out of it.” I protested.

“I can tell you like your women thick.” She said, eyeing Kemi. “I’ll be greatly disadvantaged.”

“What?! You don’t say!”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” She said, her eyes rolling.

“Where did that come from?” I asked laughing.

“Its just a feeling. I think Kemi has noticed that too.” She said, trying to draw Kemi in who had been watching us talk silently amused.

“I didn’t notice anything.” Kemi said sipping on her drink. There was a flash of something on her face. Was that conceit?

“I just want us to get the best out of this experience.” Fanny continued. She brought out a six pack of Red Bull from her side of the couch and dropped it on the table. “This is to ensure there are no disappointments.” She smiled evilly. I frowned at what I considered a slight to my stamina. She was going to get a tough surprise…I hoped.

“I think there should be rules.” Kemi said quietly after a long bout of silence.

“Ok…let’s have it then.” I said.

Fanny smiled and said excitedly. “I actually discussed it with Kemi before you came in and we’re in agreement. There’s just one rule really. You must treat us equally.”

“Of course. That goes without saying.” I said, opening one of the cans of Red Bull. Both ladies giggled.

“However, I’ve got a rule of mine.” I continued. “You both are going get started, while I watch.”

They looked at each other and giggled again. Without another word, Fanny rose from her side of the couch and took Kemi by the hand. They walked slowly towards the king sized bed. I sat up on the couch, feeling my heart beat increase in anticipation and excitement. Kemi lay on her back on the bed while Fanny taking charge, mounted her and began kissing her neck and lips. There was a brief moment of discomfort for Kemi, I noted. She wasn’t too thrilled about being kissed by a girl but Fanny was a wild one. Her hands roved with expertise all over Kemi’s body and in no time, Kemi was shivering. And it wasn’t because of the air conditioner!

Hmm, I thought. Fanny was way too comfortable with this. I had an inkling this wasn’t her first time with a girl. She continued to shower Kemi’s body with kisses as Kemi arched her body in pleasure. Her moans were audible now. I felt my excitement build and had an urge to make a grand entrance but I restrained myself. This was their show. Fanny’s kisses increased in intensity and moved to more sensitive parts. Her fingers moved with precision and focus. She knew a woman’s pleasure points and could work up quite a frenzy but of course, why not? She was a woman herself.

I emptied the can of Red Bull and squeezed it, feeling wings sprout from my back. Whatever the consequence, this experience was definitely going to be worth it!

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