King of fruits
Your sweet juice
Me in ways
Hard to explain
Its rivulets
Trickle down
My lips
My face
My everything
The best of you
Is savoured through
My tongue’s tastebuds
A tangy elixir
Of flavour
Of pleasure
Of pure goodness
The season wanes
There is no more
of you
Tiny flecks
In tins of
mixed fruit stew

30 thoughts on “Mangoes” by Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

  1. Nice appreciating the fruit. I felt that the poem could be better with a bit of punctuation here and there.

    1. Thank you for reading dear, I totally agree, it seems I posted a wrong version. My last version was well punctuated.

      1. Yeah, am glad you are heeding.

  2. All these about mangoes?

    1. :D A lil Pg 12 now and then ehn? So kind of you toread and comment.

      1. Besides who knows, it might be a metaphor, no?

        1. @nicolebassey me thinks this is more than mangoes, am I right?

          1. @topazo: hmm, with Nicole, it has to be some ‘man-go’ stuff ;)

  3. @elovepoetry has said it all @nicolebassey as regards punctuation and the work presented better than this.Anyways, it is a beautiful ode to the mango.Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, I quite agree @sambrightomo , it seems i posted a draft not the final work. Thank you for bearing with me, i hope to imrove soonest. :-)

      1. Sure you will

  4. this is great and worth it.
    always there.

  5. This is DEFINITELY not mangoes. I think; or rather I prefer to believe its about a man – or rather; a particular part of the male anatomy.

    *clears throat*. I haven’t said anything

    I can’t say in front of my little one.

    Well done.

    1. @seun-Odukoya ! You are impossible! Lol. That is the power of writing ,every reader will add their spice to it and get a unique brew. Thanks for reading/commenting.

  6. @Topazo honestly this was strictky about mangoes uhtil you and Seun-Odukoya read it :-/

  7. Ehem!! Must have been some ‘man-go’ to have inspired this.
    Thank goodness I didn’t think of anything I wasn’t meant to read.
    ‘Mixed fruit stew’ abi? @seun-odukoya, you saw that part too abi or was it my eyes? Hee hee hee.

    Nice one. I think though that fleshing the lines a bit might help. Punctuation was mentioned and you have agreed so that is that.

    1. @sueddie,

      Ol’ boi, I no wan talk am o. But now you mention ‘it’…

      *clears throat*

      1. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

        Hian! Look what these men are turning my kindergarten poem into o! lol, i have written, you can interprete it anyway you like.

  8. @sueddie lol @”man-go”
    @nicolebassey r u sure ds is “kindergarten” poem? wat with the “mixed fruit stew” dt @sueddie and @seun-odukoya pointed out… Lol

    1. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

      @Topazo ask them o! , me, i was only refering to the fact that we are unable to preserve our fruits, after the season you can only find tiny bits of mango in cans, mixed with outher fruits. @sueddie @Seun-Odukoya

  9. A very fine poem.

    Think Seun is right though. Didn’t for once feel like you were talking about mangoes shah. I think @chemookpi needs to come decipher this one as well.

    Mangoes could have easily been “man goes”…

    The season wanes
    The man goes
    There is no more
    of you


    1. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

      @jaywriter Thats some Craaaay thot lol. hmmm. I never imagined. Thank you.

    2. Jay! Nice twist to it man @jaywriter. Sunshine you will give us a rejoinder (or is it re-adaptation sef) abi? Lol. And what the heck did @Seun-Odukoya drink? Ha! “Chop banana till you mango…” *clears throat.* that’s all.

      1. @chemokopi: I truly wonder what @seun-odukoya drank or did not… At least, there are tiny flecks of him remaining … Abi? :)

  10. Cool poem. Yeah, I agree it can be better. Maybe its because Mangoes are my best fruits: I make elaborate plans some years to make sure I eat as many as possible before the season runs out.

    Well done, Sunshine.

  11. Nursery rhyme… like if there really was anything like that. But oh well, we have said too much already
    And now, even this man goes… ;)

  12. eulogizing mango lolzzzzzzzzz

  13. I love this @nicolebassey!I have a mango tree in my garden (Mallika) with mangoes riping as I write these words….I love June in Miami…:-)

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