Fool Me Once

She kissed me
I kissed back
We were one at last
She swore before the
Whole world
To love only me
Till death.

I believed her then,
Regret it now
That my wife’s
Escapades are the
Talk of town,
I gave my all
It was not enough
She wanted more
Exotic dirty and rough.

So now it crumbles
Like a sand house under
The rain,
She wants to end it
To be free finally
I can scarcely
Bear the pain
Nor the thought
Of her leaving
Never to return

I am a fool
To think she would
Change her ways
Come back begging
Be just mine again
But I couldn’t let her
Fool me twice
So when she went to
Get us ice
I switched the drinks
She served that night,

She drank the death
She had mixed for me
Gave up the ghost
Quite quickly….
To let her fool me
Once was love,
To let it happen twice
Would be
Suicidal Stupidity.

38 thoughts on “Fool Me Once” by Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

  1. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    *claps* well done oo.

  2. hey. this was cooly-ready. I like it.

    1. thank you @bassittjamiu

  3. Nice tale. Very well told. Well written too. Could have been more poetic though.

    1. Hmm, Any suggestions? thanks for reading and commenting @jaywriter

  4. Fool me once,the shame is on you,fool twice,the shame is on me.

    1. Exactly :-) , thank you Izuone @Izuone

  5. Fool me once,the shame is on you,fool twice,the shame is on me.

  6. I think the title is misleading…’Fool me once more’ My expectation was an intense love relationship, that d spouse enjoy been fooled as a means to oil d engine of the affair.It disappointed that expectation.Well done still and thanks for sharing.

  7. Hehe that sounds like fool me daily. Thanks for reading beyond the disappointment. @sambrightomo

  8. Simple, yet with in-depth meaning…

  9. Beautiful rendition…

    1. Awwww am blushing, thanks @topazo maybe you ll like my other poems…

      1. @nicolebassey yes I wld like to read more of ur poems

        1. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

          Just click – read all contributions by sunshine- I think you will like Who said it was rape, Relapse, Naked, Heart of Brass and Disenfranchised. Thank you so much @topazo

  10. I like the simplicity but I felt it should have felt stronger….. for example, I did not feel his pain and despair enough to warrant murder. I was not expecting the murder….it just felt like he was sulking/lamenting then boom just like that.

    Hope you catch my drift @sunshine.

  11. @Zikora He didnt murder her, he only swapped the drinks she had poisoned for him .

  12. He is just recounting the events that preceded that act and why he didnt feel too bad about switching drinks, he was just trying to even the score.

      1. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

        But yeah, i get your drift, maybe it is intended to shock the reader and maybe he istelling the story many years later say in old age…. did that help in anyway?

        1. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

          @Zikora , nice name by the way reminds me of a warrior princess.

          1. @nicolebassey… it may not be a recent story he told. In that case, the probability of loss of emotion in his telling makes more sense.

            And thanks for the compliment about my name darling! I like your mention of warrior princess next to it lol.

  13. Niiiiiiiiice, well done

    1. Thanks, i am so glad you like it :-)

  14. spicy and cool

    1. Thank you @mikeeffa , Have you seen The Enestera Chronicles?

  15. Nice title and an apt end.Keep it up.

    1. Thank you @jade69 I am glad you like it.

  16. It was more like prose! Like I just sat down Α̲̅πϑ you told ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ your story.
    Good one!

  17. Hehehe…. wise man. Totally enjoyed this, the rhymes and the ending. Superb

  18. My sister ! the guy try na yet the babe wan finish am. Thanks for reading :-) @Shally-Ashimi

  19. @nicolebassey

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