Dear Hubby…

Dear Hubby…

She was also a young girl,

Before she became a young wife, heavy with child.

What is it that she doesn’t have

That the other girl has?


I wonder what darling wife would do,

If she knew what dear hubby did do,

The thing she most dreaded;

An extra-marital affair.

Hmm…the marriage bed.



To my future husband,

Whoever you may be,

I won’t chase you round,

Follow you with torch in hand,

Monitor you with a leash,

No, you’re not bound.

But I will ask you

To search yourself,

your heart and your conscience

If I am your lawfully wedded,

Then have that confidence,

I am and will continue be

The answer to your every heartfelt desire

Circumstance and time will not quench this fire.


I give you my trust.

I take all of yours.

I give you my love.

I will have yours.

I give you my heart.

Yours is mine.

My body is yours.

Yours is mine.

8 thoughts on “Dear Hubby…” by chymdiinma (@chymdiinma)

  1. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    Too damn jejune, but that is the only thing I have against this. Though I feel that if you had spent time with the poem, you would have achieved something better. Know that the poetic muse DEMANDS you stay and labour over a few lines more than you would over a novel.

    Keep reading, keep writing, get better.


    1. @daireenonlineThank you! I actually wrote this poem a long time ago…yeah, I’ll keep writing… :)

  2. good concept.

  3. Interesting…

    1. Thanks @chemokopi…pls why do you say interesting? :)

  4. This well written for me, but as @dareenonline has rightly pointed out,you could do better if you spend more time on some lines. I like the idea that you have forgiven your future husband if he ever cheats on you.For me, that is rest! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for reading, and true, a few of the lines could’ve done with some rewriting…and forgiveness besides, my future hubby would sha be wise not to cheat on me! :)

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