Dance with me Omoge Sewa


Come dance with me

Omoge Sewa to rewa

Allow me drown in the

Power of your amulet

Come close to my right

Don’t hide your brilliance from my eyes

Come close to my left

Come feel the beats of my chest


Let each step in sync with mine

Steals each minute

Far away from our sights

The night is ours,

Let us open the chapters of dance

Let us guide our steps with its verses

Let us invent a dancing style


Come omoge sewa to rewa

The one whose beauty

Radiates in still darkness

Whose ebony colour sends my brain ashore

Come let us conquer the hours

With sweeping steps and Azonto grooves

Dance close, dance lose

Sweep the air beneath your feet

Raise the dust under your sole

Let your hips make a rhyming beat

Allow your presence Omoge sewa

Take over my senses forever


Let us murder a thousand songs

Let us massacre a million beats

Let us slaughter a billion dance styles

Omoge sewa let us flow as each song takes row


Dance with me Arewa Oyin

Adumaradan, Omoge Ewa  Obirin

Let your splendor robs this ambiance

Light my life up eleyinjuege, with each movement

Come close to me, slay the void in-between

Soak me into the heat of sweetest passion

Dance and turn in every fashion

Hold me like a sister

But touch me like a lover

Let your soothing arms spring relief

To my body, To my heart, down my soul

Let me be lost in this brewing lust

Let the whole of your body cuddle mine

Tonight Omoge to Arewa

Let us become one on this dancing floor



You are a student of law

But tonight your dance is without flaws

Sewa to rewa

Twist and let this night be still.


3 thoughts on “Dance with me Omoge Sewa” by lawore olufemi (@laworemike)

  1. This was smooth and sweet. Good work.

  2. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    Good one, Maybe it was the palmie that was really your muse though… this reminds me of kegites and their ways with the fairer sex.

    Some forced lines though, outside that, you tried. Sing song…

  3. I love your constitency…you are good…are you a chorister?

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