Casting Shadows

Nosa’s phone rang as he was about to leave with Chuks for the Jazz Club at Lungi street in Maitama. Since he didn’t usually receive business calls at this time especially on Fridays, he reluctantly walked to the glass centre table where his phone laid. The phone stopped ringing before he got to it. The missed call was Sandra’s – his colleague at work. Nosa worked as an advertising executive with Talkback Media one of Abuja’s leading media and advertising firms.

Almost every regular at the Jazz Club knew his grey Infinity QX SUV.  The wide living room of his apartment at the third floor of Lambton Apartments had two black large leather couches. One faced the 50 inch TV braced to the wall while the other faced the bench press and weights close to the balcony’s door. At this point of Nosa’s life all he wanted badly was to find the right woman and settle down. After all what more would a successful man in his early thirties look for?

Nosa called back. Smiling as he received the call. Chuks wondered what the person at the other end of the call was telling his friend.

Why you dey smile like person way win jackpot?” Chuks asked curiously after Nosa hung up the call.

Na Sandra call me”.

No be dat babe way dey work for your office?” Chuks interrupted

Na she

Wetin she dey tell you way dey make you smile anyhow?”

“E be like say we dey go Droots this nite. Sandra talk she wan show me one babe ?” Nosa replied.

No be you talk say that club no make sense? So na babe wan make us go Droots?” Chuks asked with his slightly loud voice. Nosa was familiar with that voice pitch. Chuks had always spoken loudly to make his point known. As if conviction depended on how loud you voice sounded.

Omo relax why you dey shout? I need check the babe way Sandra talk. If she no dey alright we go enter Jazz Club” Nosa cut back at Chuks.

Na wa for you o!” Chuks mumbled under his nose.

They both went downstairs and headed for Droots Nite Club at Wuse 2 in Nosa’s SUV.

Chuks and Nosa had been friends for 14 years. Both attended the same secondary school in Abuja and finished from Liverpool University in England. Best friends were what everybody who knew them called them. Nosa’s father calls them “David and Jonathan” sometimes to tease them.  Chuks believed himself to be more “african” than his peers.

Several times he got into arguments with his European classmates while at Liverpool because he held in high esteem certain traditional beliefs his class mates thought were “uncivilised”. Nosa would mostly intervene in such arguments and sometimes give him remarks like “Na you wan become the next Malcolm X? Chuks shut up most times Nosa gave him those kinds of remarks.


Droots Nite Club was full as Nosa expected yet something made him feel like staying back. Sandra was standing with Omotola at the bar when Nosa spotted her. As Nosa and Chuks walked to the bar, the large crowd waiting to place their orders for drinks or chatting up friends made Nosa feel buying drinks today would be a colossal task.

Sandra hugged Nosa closely with her bosom tightly pressing Nosa’s chest. Her short gown looked more like a long singlet than a gown. Sandra’s gown also had an opening on her chest which though was designed to reveal her cleavage, covered almost nothing except her nipples. Chuks stood behind Nosa while Nosa and Sandra exchanged greetings. Chuks couldn’t stand the sight of Sandra and he made that point clear. Although not verbally.

You’ve met my friend Chuks haven’t you?” Nosa asked Sandra. They all knew this wasn’t the first time Nosa would remind Sandra of who Chuks was. Nosa always did that to make Chuks behave more friendly around Sandra. That was not working and Nosa knew it. “Oh! Yes. Sure. How are you Chuks?” Sandra said as she motioned her hand to shake Chuks. “Fine thank you” Chuks casually replied reaching for Sandra’s hand.

Nosa…meet my friend Omotola” Sandra told Nosa.

Hi Omotola, I’m Nosa”. Nosa stretched his hand to shake Omotola’s hands but she opened her arms to hug Nosa. There was something about Omotola that Nosa couldn’t explain. Her charm, her smile and confidence instantly won him. Omotola’s dark skin added to the almost-perfect smoothness of her skin made her glow. Her hips were round and some of her long hair rested on her pointed breasts. “Could this be like the movies where you fell in love at first sight?” Nosa thought to himself. He wasn’t going to move too fast. He had to see where this would lead.

I’ve heard so much about you”. Omotola spoke into Nosa’s ears while they embraced each other.

I hope it was for good” Nosa laughed.

Nosa ordered a bottle of Champagne – Moet et Chandon with four glasses. After waiting for what seemed to him like ages. Chuks scanned the club with his eyes to find a table for them. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Omo where person go see seat siddon for here?” Nosa said facing Chuks.

Na wetin I just dey look since be dat” Chuks said still looking around. While they stood at the bar looking around for an empty table, Nosa walked into the dancing crowd to look properly for an empty table.

Excuse me ladies, I need to find a table for us.” Nosa said to Sandra and Omotola before he walked into the crowd.

Chuks I dey come…Abeg look my drink oo!” Nosa said facing Chuks while he walked away.

A few seconds later, Sandra whispers into Omotola’s ear then heads to the restroom. Both Sandra and Nosa had not been away for up to one minute when Omotola strikes a conversation with Chuks who all this while had been paying attention to the song blasting through the all the speakers in the club.

The In-house DJ of the Droots Nite Club was on the turn-table today and his exceptional skill of playing the right song at the right time based on the mood of the crowd was in top gear. Chuks was nodding to PSquare’s Alingo when Omotola spoke to Him.

Hi, you don’t seem to talk much do you?

Not really, I just like to enjoy the music

I see…My name is Omotola by the way. Are you friend’s with Nosa?

Yes…Very close friends”.

Nosa finally found a table for them and walked close enough to the bar to signal the rest that he had found a table.

Omotola sighted Nosa and quickly said to Chuks, “It’s you I like. Your friend is wasting his time”.

Omotola slipped a small piece of paper into Chuks’ left palm that was open. Chuks quickly cupped his left palm to see clearly what was written on the paper. It was Omotola’s phone number and Blackberry pin. He couldn’t believe this. His jaw dropped in surprise.

This girl is bad news…Can anything good come from Sandra after all?” Chuks thought to himself.

Sandra returned from the toilet not long after came back to say he had found a table.

I found a table…Let us move” Nosa said facing the three of them.

33 thoughts on “Casting Shadows” by Uzoma Umekwe (@uzomaumekwe)

  1. cant feel d suspence dat is expedient for such stories. Howeva, its a nice story

  2. @darlene thanks for the honest feedback. Hopefully I will turn this into a series and work on the suspense element like you indicated. I know its not the best story but I just felt the only way to know if the story is any good is to upload it that way and get feedback from others. Thanks for reading.

  3. Something feels very cool about the story. Try and make them find they have some sort of connection… say a hobby or something. That kinda stuff usually connects people faster.

    Nice story though.

    1. @jaywriter we will see where the story takes us :)

      thanks for the feedback

  4. Yeah,you can want chucks but don’t keep nosa on a long thing.

    1. @izuoune…lol. thanks for reading.

  5. I think there is an omission here “Sandra returned from the toilet not long after came back to say he had found a table”.

    I can sense an intriguing story coming.
    Would look out for the next episode.

    1. @estee oh yes…you are correct. I saw it when i had already uploaded the story. Thanks for pointing that out. Cheers.

  6. Something is off abt d story… D dialogue, d emotions…

    1. @topazo “off” for good or for reading tho.

  7. Niceeee…just hope this omotola gurl doesnt ruin this friendship with her bad self…

    Post soon

  8. I see a nice plot unravelling but the narration doesn’t do justice to the plot… It often stumbles… Apparently you’re primarily left brained & one way left-brained authors improve narration is by deliberately studying the plot & style of other authors unlike intuitives (right-brained) … Enuff said :)

  9. @wendeekay do you mind if i ask how you concluded that I was left brained? I dont think you have put me under any kind of experiment to determine what dominant part of my brain that I use..So,it would interest me more to hear the basis of your conclusion.

  10. lol @uzomzumekwe , i think what @wendeekay means is that men are left-brained and as you being a guy are prone to sacrifice emotion for action, women are right-brained and would do the reverse(which can also be a problem). No offense, next part please.

    1. @nicolebassey lol…@wendeekay is my main man oo. I just was curious to know about the left-brained right-brained thingy.cos personally I have never given attention to that. No offense was taken at all. Thanks for reading tho. Next part will be up soon.

  11. interesting.
    I hope Omotola turns out to be a very very very very badt girl. hehehehe.

    1. @itsabum lol..thanks for part will be up soon.

  12. I don’t know what to make of this story. It doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. The good thing is that you are making an effort. I believe if you keep at it, you’ll perfect your skill. Also try work on building some suspense and a tit bit of what to expect.

    1. @Afronuts. I appreciate you taking time to read the story. However, I like to point out that you have not criticized this story constructively. I respect you and like your stories but I like to clearly say I am not happy about some parts of your comment. If you must criticize my story don’t make it make it sound like I have not written anything worth reading..At least say something nice.

      1. Really? I offended you? Wow sorry then if I gotyou offended.

  13. @Afronuts. I appreciate you taking time to read the story. However, I like to point out that you have not criticized this story constructively. I respect you and like your stories but I like to clearly say I am not happy about some parts of your comment. If you must criticize my story don’t make it make it sound like I have not written anything worth reading..At least say something nice.

    1. @Afronuts are you seriously apologising?

      Is constructive criticism supposed to be nice? You will never get honest opinions if you lambast people for not telling you nice things.

      Sweerie, don’t put yourself out there if you can’t take hard knocks.

      1. @estee ur right sha…maybe I was just being too emotionally attached to the story. I appreciate. @afronuts no vex for say i lambast u.

      2. @estee ur right sha…maybe I was just being too emotionally attached to the story. I appreciate. @afronuts no vex say i lambast u.

      3. @Estee Thanks for clearing it up for him. My apology was metaphorically stated actually. I was going to make sure I don’t comment on any work by him again. But since he has cleared the error, I might renege on the decision.

        1. @afronuts lol…don’t mind me i was not in the best of moods the day i read your comment and so i took it personal. No vex na! u na my chairman oo!

          1. Thank God for that. Its all good. We’re good.

  14. gentle babe (@ihenyengladysusile)

    interesting,i will really like to followup this story and poor nosa i hate cases like his, liking someone nd d feeling nt been returned.

  15. A case of love triangle…lol

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