Boy meets Girl [Part 2]

So there I was, with three boys. I was feeling too funky with myself  even though they weren’t asking me out or anything. I’m not one of those people who love attention but I was definitely enjoying the attention. Let’s backtrack a bit so I can tell you about Teju.

The Teju story is the classic “boy likes girl, girl not interested, then girl starts getting interested but boy and girl are in different cities” story. Teju and I were classmates back when I went to school in Nigeria. He was a ‘bad’ boy or at least he hanged with the bad boys but he was one of those people who had the capacity to be a really bad boy or a really good boy. In SS2, we used to be just hi-hi friends. Then he asked for my number. I can’t even remember how exactly but sha he started texting me to say “hello”, “how was your day?”, “good night”…those types of things. At first I was like “oh, new friend!” and then slowly it turned to “what does he even want sef?”. My replies became shorter and came at longer intervals but he didn’t waiver in his enthusiasm and slowly I became more text-responsive. We had a weird thing where we would text back and forth when we were away from school but whilst at school, we would never say anything to each other.

And then one vals day, after school, I got into the car and the driver said “Ehen, one of your friends dropped something for you o.” I was surprised but excited. I checked the bag and there were many goodies in it. It was pretty amazing and thoughtful. There was no card though so I still didn’t know who it was from.

I didn’t for once think it was Teju, I thought it was someone else: my fake school husband- Dayo (story for another day). That night when i got home, I was checking my yahoo email when I got an IM from Teju…(drum roll!). Yes it was Teju o! This boy had fallen in love o but I wasn’t feeling him. I wasn’t feeling anyone or the whole dating palava sef. I wanted to be a solo independent somebody.

Fast forward.

In SS 3, one random day during WAEC, actually it was one of those free days when we didn’t have any exams but for some reason I was in school. I’m not sure how it happened but everyone in the classroom disappeared and it was just Teju and I left in the classroom. I was making fun of him because he had an exam that day in a subject he hated. And just like that, the conversation turned to other things like life, family,aspirations and other deep things like that (maybe love too). So there we were, sitting side by side in an empty classroom, talking. Such a simple act but yet so significant.

I couldn’t quite place it but i had this feeling. I felt like i didn’t want the conversation to end. I wanted the world to pause so we could stay that way for a while but it didn’t. He had to leave for his exam and I had to go for an appointment so we parted ways. As i walked away, my phone vibrated.

“Hey you. Thanks for making my day. Let’s do this again please?”, the text said.

My stomach did a small(yes, only small o) butterfly-jump! I smiled (or more like blushed).

I instinctively wanted to reply “Yes please!!”


But I pinched myself instead.

“Eh see me, see wahala o. Omo girl what’s wrong with you? You sit by a boy and he says he had fun and now you are feeling…” but I couldn’t come up with the right word to complete the sentence. What was I feeling? I didn’t know whether to say yes, no or maybe. I didn’t even know what exactly he was asking! Was he asking for another platonic hangout? Or was he asking me out? Or was it one of those questions that didn’t need a reply? I wondered if I should just ask him to explain his question further . Simple question had turned to JAMB question!

After much inner deliberation, I decided to let my fingers decide for themselves.

I typed in …



10 thoughts on “Boy meets Girl [Part 2]” by LITM (@Ife)

  1. This is way better that the first installment. I enjoyed it.

    1. @Zikora, @nicolebassey, Thanks for the feedback! I’m hoping to get better which each post!

  2. good narrative, diction so-so, good characterization, not enough polish.

  3. Again i like. However i think hanged is for criminal execution. Hung seems to work when u talk about hangin out. Im not exactly sure. Someone else should please comment on this. Good one though. Written like a true Naija girl

    1. @MissAjiboye, hmm will look into that. Thanks!

  4. @ife, I liked this, although I thought it was quite a detour from where I left off in part one. Very engaging and well written. And you are wicked to leave your readers wondering what the MC typed in.

    Well done.

  5. Koollove (@Koollove)

    is dis d end

  6. interesting

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