A sigh in C-Minor


Since Creations dawn –

And the first wakeful yawn of Ol’ Mother Earth,

Nature never thought to assemble a plumage to rival the Peacock’s –

Nor such easy grace to compare to yours…



Until you have held precious, a fistful of water…

And watched it all drip away through your closed fingers –


Till you’ve claimed a palm-size of the Ocean’s sand,

Clutched it tight, all to see it slip soundless through your hand’s creases –


Till you are told of a gold-filled land, which you buy at a high price…

Then saw the yellow strains of its wealth at your first burrow through the soil…

You staked all your fortune on it…and dug…and dug…and dug…

And found only the thick darkness of mere soil –


When you’ve known Sorrow by a name familiar- a fond name,

and that unspeakable pain of desire is your perfect companion –


It is then you will know how it is, letting her- my darling Her-

…SLIP Away……


Middle  8

For Her, I’ll pluck the Sun from the skies,

Lay it on my Heart’s forge,

and carve a glittering tomorrow…


When the Sun’s sparks fly upwards,

and its core shimmers with stars and rainbows,

I’ll keep them, and adorn a clothe with, for Her to walk on…



My heart lights up…

…like dawn rising

…like a firefly filled field

…like lightening in darkest storm…

at the sheer sight of her- My peerless Her!!

10 thoughts on “A sigh in C-Minor” by ayomitans (@ayomitans)

  1. owseaman (@owseaman)

    Got distracted by a guy from London, would have loved to concentrate better. Yes a guy from London, the ‘gentle men on the street’ you know.
    Well, I like the musical concept, its plaudable

    1. @owseaman…Thanks bro. Appreciate the persistence in taking time to read

  2. A very different perspective to poem writing using the music note.Kudos, thanks for sharing.

    1. @sambrightomo…thank you for the compliment. Much appreciated

  3. I don’t know anything about C minor but the postlude is overripe with similes.It is a love poem but you can’t feel the love.No rhythm of pain.

    1. @khadijahmuhammed…thanks for commenting. C-minor, according to Ludwig van Beethoven, is an emotionall-charged key. That was the effect i was aiming for. I also was trying to use a literary device called Anaphorism in the postlude, in such a way as to create a centre-point branched verse. It is as much a love poem as a poem of regret i.e meeting someone whose easy grace caught your eyes, then losing her, then trying to woo her back with extravagant promises, then just seeing her after it all with some wistfulness and admiration you still have for her. Thanks again for commenting.

  4. This was very lyrical, @ayomitans. I like the theme of loss with the hope of a new beginning at the end.

    I think you could have reworked the tenses in the stanza beginning with “Till you are told of a gold-filled land…”, though.

    Well done.

    1. @TolaO…thanks for your praise and the correction. I can see what you mean and will take it to heart.

  5. Wow….. I love the comparism… How apt, nice one!

    1. @Olan…your unreserved praise is much appreciated. I like that you like it. Thanks, you…

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