Social Media and the Campus

Social Media and the Campus

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‘Let’s sex chat’ those were the words the fifteen year old law undergraduate typed into the blackberry bold 5 device she held in her hand on that fateful night.
‘Okay. Send me your nude pics’ the guy on the other end of the line, probably a thousand miles away, replied.
‘Okay’, she typed in and that spelled Rita’s doom.
This is only one of the instances of the many problems caused by social networks on our campuses today. In an age driven ultimately by technology and social media, the youth and teenage population are not left out in the frenzy. In fact, it seems they are at the crux of it all.
Youth are affected the most by social networks, whether positively or negatively, and yet the older population seems to have discovered this only a moment too late.
The campus is another world of its own; a world where the student is left on his or her own with practically no restraint whatsoever, hence he or she is free to engage in whatsoever he or she chooses since one is expected to act maturely once on campus. This freedom has overtime resulted in almost 30 percent of campus girls dropping out of school due to unwanted pregnancies, drug use, rape or some sexually transmitted disease and an almost equal percentage of boys being rusticated for cultism, armed robbery and the likes and some even losing their lives to these vices.
The easy access to internet facilities nowadays from mobile phones to iphones, to e-readers and modem devices to wireless devices have made the World Wide Web one very accessible world of its own. The unending debate about whether the internet is a blessing or a curse has been on for a long time now, with different people giving different opinion. Certainly, the internet is a blessing of this technology age that has come to stay, however the use of it has definitely been abused.
The social media was originally intended to enable proper interaction between the global community, making the world a smaller place than it originally is. However, the social media has been used to perpetrate a lot of crime from advanced fee fraud to hacking of various sites. Also, there has been the promotion of sex crimes as well as sexual perversions on the net. The rise of sex chatting and sex chat rooms as well as pornography and erotic sites have prevailed over the net, where young campus students are drawn to various sexual perversions, spending a major chunk of their time on the internet. The recent trend of campus students uploading nude videos and nude pictures on youtube, facebook and twitter for no reason at all. Others are drawn into the snare of transferring their nude pictures unsuspectingly to boys who proceed to expose them on the social media.
The morality rate of the world is falling at a very fast pace, if there is any morality left at all. As a result, the youth population is drawn easily into the morality problem since the average youth seeks excitement and anything dangerous seems exciting to the youth or the campus student.
Is there a solution to this problem the social media has created for the society, where young adults are growing up to be perverted and crime-stricken adults? The solution lies in the hands of the youth who are still with some morals in them. The solution lies with the social media itself, since the youths are so stuck on it, it might as well be a means to save them. The news media should also be on the constant watch, a watchdog always cautioning the youths of our society. I understand that the current human rights cry and the mantra ‘we have the right to our choices’ has changed a lot, but we can still keep our heads from swirling even in the widening gyre, while things are falling apart, at least we could still honour our African heritage.

16 thoughts on “Social Media and the Campus” by adebayo caleb (@lordkel)

  1. mycreationn (@Titilola)

    Tru talk.

  2. nice work. i think technology steals morality in this age. God help us all.

  3. Zikora (@Zikora)

    Technology or no technology, evil lives within us and technology could serve as a medium for those who want to unleash theirs. However, we all have conscience and morals embedded in us to dispense as we choose.

    1. @Zikora

      You took those words right out of my mouth. Do we say because people do not know how to behave – to discipline themselves, social media is bad?

      How did you get here? How are we having this conversation – if not for social media? People who had no hope ten years ago have become millionaires thanks to ‘social media’. A lot of authors don’t have a book printed yet – and yet they are successful.

      Let’s call it for what it is. People will always misbehave. Social media just gets it out into the world is all.

      Allow us put things in perspective, okay?

      Nice write-up.

  4. Wise talk.I hope we the students pay attention.

  5. Darl Ogugua (@Darlington69)

    Quite expository. Well said.

  6. It sounds like you’re blaming social media for the societal malfunction. I see it as only magnifiying the misdeeds and youthful excesses that have always been there. But I quite agree with you, the solution can also come through the same media. Nice write-up…thumbs up.

  7. Nice write-up. But, I don’t see why social media is to blame. Social media does not tell anyone to behave immorally or indecently. Instead, I think people owe social media apologies for misusing it.

    1. Zikora (@Zikora)

      @febidel…. Lol @ people apologising to social media for misusing it…..true.

  8. ifelade (@omolade)

    True talk….i’d just like to see the social media as a sort of magnifying lens. The immorality is in-born just that with the social media,you don’t have anyone watching you so the freedom is immeasurable……

  9. Hmmm *stifles brain fart*

  10. @titilola, @laworemike, @zikora, @seun-odukoya, @sambrightomo, @darlington69, @chymdiinma, @fedibel, @omolade, @wedeekay, thank you all for your comments. I sincerely appreciate them. In essence, it is my opinion that social media is not the problem, but indeed it has been abused and turned backwards, hence what came at first as a blessing is now a seeming menace. I still believe the regular media has a role to play in curbing this malady.

  11. @lordkel, I guess you mean media literacy, uh? The thing is, the traditional media cannot force people to change their character. You’ll be surprised to know how old pornography and fornication are – almost as old as time.

    1. @LORDKEL, this is cool………

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