I will kill you

I will kill you

My salivary gland is dry
The one that secrete the saliva of apology
My tongue of speech is tied
The one that rolls out the words of appeal
My heart is weak to pump blood
In to my body for active activity
I am left with little strength
And with it I will put an end to your life

Never will I kneel before you again
For this day I will end your life
Your life that causes my lineage misery
That replaces our smile with tears
In avoiding you, you exhaust our wit
Your presence wipe away our historical strength
You ingrate creature
What has my clan done to you?
That you make us clap in sorrow
What has my family done to you
That you tie us down in weakness
Today, your miserable music will not work
For I will put an end to your life

I will kill you
After killing you, I might be tagged a murderer
What essence is it when I’m not a mother
I will light your pyre
And willingly be called cruel
Yes I will fuel your fire
The fire in which you will dwell
What meaning has my life
When my strength is gone to you?
Is it my fault that my nature nurtures you?
You ingrate creature
Today I will kill you
I will erase my nature that nurtures you
Never will your name be taken in my clan again
Tell your family
Shout it to the world
That the game is over
The game of hide n’ seek
This is the end of your hiding
I will kill you today
I will kill you

4 thoughts on “I will kill you” by Admin2 (@admin2)

  1. wow! Nice scribling, this is brilliant.

  2. You almost fooled me…

    so much ado for a tiny mosquito? You could have crushed it between your fingers without giving it a thought.

    Never mind me…

    nice work

  3. Such vehemence!

    I wonder how you would treat a human being if you were this angered towards a mere mosquito.



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