Horror Writers Of West Africa Calls For  Dark Fiction Anthology Submission

Horror Writers Of West Africa Calls For Dark Fiction Anthology Submission


The organization  Horror writers of west Africa  (Howowa) Based in Nigeria  is dedicated to the growth of Horror writing fiction worldwide and with its interest to promote dark fiction all through Africa is calling for submissions for the publication of their first anthology titled ‘DARK DIGEST’. It will feature the works of both established and upcoming creative writers from different parts of Africa.

HoWoA provides a platform for writers to share any type of dark fiction: suspense, bloody, macabre, breathing taking horrors, thrilling, Gut-wrenching, paranormal, vampires,   werewolf and  grotesque short stories.

The contributors are under no obligation to pay any money before their works are published. However, the EDITING COMMITTEE reserves the right not to recommend, for publishing, any work that does not meet the set standards.

The published works will be sold on Amazon bookstore and other online relating bookstores. Every contributor is entitled to a percentage of any copy sold.

This submission is open from 1st of march and closes on 1st of June. Any late entries after closing date will not be accepted. Furthermore, all writers bears the copy write to their works as long as its authentic and not copied elsewhere via net etc


– each work should not be more than 2000 words in length

– each work MUST revolve around the subtitle dark fiction

All works must be submitted through email to howowa@gmail.com

If you are interested in joining our community or have any queries, please email us at howowa@gmail.com   or visit us on http://howowa.wordpress.com

To part take in this submission  like our page on Facebook by visiting us on http://www.facebook.com/HorrorWritersOfWestAfricaHowowa?ref=hl

Horror Writers of West Africa


12 thoughts on “Horror Writers Of West Africa Calls For Dark Fiction Anthology Submission” by Princes Arah (@sarah)

  1. Nice information.

  2. Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

    I’m in, I have some pretty dark work properly mixed with some Afro-juju.

    1. Princess Arah (@sarah)

      Its quite welcomed as long as its spicy and entertaining.

  3. What kind of format is this anthology appearing in? Hard-copy as in published book or just an online pdf?

    1. Princess Arah (@sarah)

      For now, it will be published online with Amazon as stated in the information, however the publication of the hard copy depends on the rate of the sales online. Every person who contributed will have a copy once the hard copy is out. I hope i answered your question?

  4. Now where’s @raymond? This anthology desperately needs you…

    I’ll see if I can borrow someone’s mind…

    1. You stole those words from my keyboard.


  5. Yeah, this really needs raymond. I’ll see if i can fix something up. Nice information.

    1. Princess Arah (@sarah)

      You have got to do that real fast, as there is no time to waste

  6. Injoman (@Injoman)

    I wanted to post a story or two,but the information that it must be 2000 words discourages me because,i had to trim my stories from over 4000 words to meet the 2500 criteria for short stories,shelving off another 500 words or so will make me lose my narrative style and artistry in a bid to write for a particular market.Let me know when something of 2500 word is needed.Thanks

    1. Princess Arah (@sarah)

      sorry that the word limit threw you off. Howowa hates to discourage anyone. Due to such complains recently, howowa has decided to remove the word limit. From hence forth there is no word limit so you are free to submit. tell others as well

  7. Is it possible to present the story in a poetry form?

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