Hangout pt5

Hangout pt5

I couldn’t concentrate, I zoned the voices around me, I was in a meeting physically but my senses were back in that room in Badmus’s house with Christie, that fateful night was still etched in my memory, replaying every time, she had been on my mind since then

“Sir, sir” a voice brought me back to the present

“Yes” I replied

“Shall I continue sir?”

“Sure, sure, why not”

“ok sir”

He resumed his presentation obviously thinking i was listening but I was thinking of Christie’s voice, the voice I found irritating at first was a sound am now longing to hear, , the wide hips, the feel of her boobs, her body in the throes of pleasure, she surprised and impressed me that day, she cracked my top ten list, I remember when I woke up after our adventure

I was disoriented at first it was daybreak the room was partially illuminated, I felt a female form beside me it all came running back to me, the touches, the feel, the climax, I smiled inwardly, I felt good and refreshed which I hardly feel when am through with sex, I turned to face her, she looked peacefully, her chest rose and fell, the swell of her breast was getting me aroused again, I tired controlling myself, remembering my policy of one night stand, no second times “it is still within 24 hours” I reasoned as I removed the duvet from her, she didn’t stir until I entered her, our cry of pleasure filled the room

We slept when we were through, when I woke up it was late morning, we woke up at the same time, she smiled at me, I smiled back, she told me about her life, that she was a student, she was embarrassed about what she was doing but enjoyed it, that she liked that I was gentle with her, she talked about her former clients, we talked for hours unconscious of time around us, we slept again this time not for sex, we just cuddled, I woke up before her, went to shower, I dressed up and prepared to leave, I was at the door when I turned back to look at her, she looked peaceful, she was stark naked and beautiful, I stopped myself from going back, “one night stand, one night stand” I kept repeating to myself, I opened the door and left, I sighed heavily, I was almost down the stairs when I turned back, I couldn’t leave her alone like that, didn’t seem fair to her, I got back into the room, she was still in the same position I left her, I smiled, I picked up a biro and a paper, I wrote my phone number on the paper, I dropped somewhere visible enough to be seen, that was 4 days ago, I have waited agonizingly for her call, longing to hear her voice again, longing to see her again, but she hasn’t called, “maybe she has the same philosophy as I have” I consoled myself, I had given up hope already

“am through already sir” the voice brought me back again

“good presentation, infact you are doing it again tomorrow” I said as I stood up, my phone rang, for 4 days now my heart skipped a beat anytime that happens, I stared at the phone hopeful to see a random unsaved number, but instead “Serena” stared back at me, I hissed so loudly that others in the meeting looked at me, I picked up the call

“Hi sweetie” my wife said in her singsong voice

“Hi” you know you aren’t supposed to call doing office hours I said as I made my way out of the conference room

“I know, am just tired at home, should I tell you how my day went?”

Before I could answer she launched into it, jumping from story to story

I got into my office set my phone down and kept it on loud speaker, my wife’s voice filled the office, I was barely listening to her, I just said the ok, sorry, and the how’s when I was supposed to, then I heard I funny sound coming from my phone, I recognized it as the call waiting sound, I picked up the phone, a random number stared back at me, my heart stared beating fast

“Serena I would call you later, my boss is also on the line”

I hung up on her before she could replied, my phone was still ringing I was hopeful about who it was, I picked it up

“Hello” I said, after waiting for a while the voice on the other side replied


I knew the voice, I was the voice I had grown to miss, the voice I had grown to long for, it was Christie’s

6 thoughts on “Hangout pt5” by damilare oso (@damilareoso)

  1. nice story…lots of punctuation errors
    well done

  2. This would make a better read if you edit well,there are grammatical and punctuation errors. Its still a nice story,though.

  3. The-zenith (@The-zenith)

    Good story, but lotsa typos.

  4. Interesting…yea, lot of typos. Check:’I tired controlling myself’ shld be ‘I tried…’ Etc

  5. Joy (@jade69)

    Liked d story almost dint notice d typos cos i was engrossed.Nyc

  6. Sigh.

    Look at this:

    “I couldn’t concentrate, I zoned the voices around me, I was in a meeting physically but my senses were back in that room in Badmus’s house with Christie, that fateful night was still etched in my memory, replaying every time, she had been on my mind since then”

    Compare with this:

    “I couldn’t concentrate. I was there; right there in the meeting, but I wasn’t there – not the part of me that mattered most. I was back in that room in Badmus’ house, on that fateful night, with Christine. It seemed as though that night would forever play in my memory; etched deeply it was. She refused to leave my mind since then.”

    Notice anything?

    Don’t just write. Convince and convince your reader. Let them be there with you.

    Get better.

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