Extension Of  Anthology Submission

Extension Of Anthology Submission

This is to inform all that wishes to submit for the anthology that the closing date has been extended to April 7, 2013. So hurry now and make a contribution. By the second week of April all contributioins will be moved over for editing whereby no more entries will be accepted.

YOUNG CREATIVE WRITERS SOCIETY OF NIGERIA (YCWSN) “ECHOES OF WISDOM vol.2.” “Echoes of Wisdom,” is a book published biennially under Young Creative Writers Society of Nigeria. The first package, Echoes of Wisdom vol. 1, was published in the year 2011. It is designed to showcase works on different genres of creative literature. The genres covered under the scope of this book are short stories, poems, articles and short plays. It will feature the works of both established and upcoming creative writers from different parts of Nigeria and will be edited by a team of experts to be headed by a professor of English Language and Literature, Prof. M. Amadihe Ezugu, of University of Nigeria Nsukka.

The packaging will conform to internationally accepted standards. The contributors are not under obligation to pay any money before their works are published. However, the EDITING COMMITTEE reserves the right not to recommend, for publishing, any work that does not meet the set standards. Please note that each work should not be more than 2000 words in length and each work MUST revolve around the subtitle, LIVING IN MY CITY, to capture various happenings in our immediate environments and our views about our interactions with our various environments. In other words, each work MUST center on the event(s) peculiar to the environment of the author and has to be communicated through the instrument of any of the prescribed genres of creative literature.

Your contributions should be sent through the e-mail: wallahfi@yahoo.com not later than April 7, 2013. We, therefore, invite you to send in your contribution(s) as you will be accorded all the necessary recognitions you deserve. You are also expected to send your contribution(s) with your brief profile. Thank you. Please you may call Stephen Chijioke Agbo on 08064066835 for further enquiries Or send your work through wallafi@yahoo.com. with your name, location, contact number.

Check out our blog at http://youngcreativewritersocietyofnigeria.wordpress.com/ Also like our page  at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Young-creative-writers-society-of-Nigeria/378259398896349?ref=hl   We can also join our community of writers meeting, call for enquiries.

Contributors to the Echoes of Wisdom Vol 1 Anthology


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  1. Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

    @sarah. Though I am currently not residing in Nigeria, can I still send my work?

    1. Princess Arah (@sarah)

      Off course, you are free to send your work. send it to agbochijioke@yahoo.com. Recently, the above email address has malfunctioned so all mail sent their cannot be retrieved or read. Thank you.

  2. Just seeing this. I guess i’m too late?

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