Despair by Ndubuisi

Despair by Ndubuisi

She bemoans her faults

her conscience she torments

her contagious heart-wound

infests her spirit

making her contenance sour


Chained in her hoplessness

she slides gradually down

to that abyss,

accompanied by

the five daughters of Acadia


She descends fast into

that pit of despair,

but as she hits the bottom

the hands of the Lady of Light

snatch her and

pull her towards

the light’s rays


With her heart jumping wildly

the Lady seats her

at the edge of the abyss

and departs.

2 thoughts on “Despair by Ndubuisi” by Delaur (@delaur)

  1. Nice poem.

  2. Delaur (@delaur)

    thanks for comment

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