Dammy’s Dilemma

At first,we thought Dammy was under the influence of the anointing as she waved the microphone in spontaneity-one associated with the electrical charge of the Holy Spirit’s indwelling.I was carried away too.

Some religious folks gawked at her.’God catch am today.na so God go dey leak their secret one by one.’

She kept screaming like one of the disciples at the upper room on pentecost. We were all still dazed.Why is it now that she is about to lead the church in worship that the Holy Ghost descended like a rushing mighty wind on her?

Questions and murmurings filled the church hall and dammy was still displayng great theatrics.It seem the microphone has now taking a hold of her,perhaps that is how the Holy Ghost has chosen to come on her.

May be it is karma,she is reaping d seeds she sowed and God is just exposing her. Even Dammy in her sub-conscious have started confessing every known and unknown things she calls sins.

‘Lord please forgive me,I only took one meat extra and told my sister I took one.It will never happen again,I promise,Lord’
She was as confused as everyone in the congregation.

She couldnt believe what was happening.She only mount up the pulpit,took the microphone of its stand and that was it.The microphone grabbed her as if they have a score to settle.

As the dialogue continued,she could hear the faint voices of the back-ups on stage.
‘Leave her alone’.
‘Don’t go close to her’

There seem to be pandemonium,as if touching her will make them unbelievers.

It too much for her to bear,she was still screaming,her voice was almost at the nadir of breaking.A mixture of both severe pains and intense tears, all in one lamentation.

Some mischievous characters in the congregation were laughing even the pastor is confused.He is caught between two realities, the physical and Spiritual.

By this time the microphone’s grasp of Dammy has taking a new dimension revealing her petticoat.Her dark sleeveless gown has rescinded towards her waist leaving her blushing with shame as her struggle with the microphone continues.

‘But who cares,let them see all they want,I just want to live!
Why can’t this people help me, I am losing my life here.Lord please have mercy!’

I was still at a fix as to the goings-on until baba Tope came in from the rear of the altar,running like Usain Bolt, wielding a big stick.
And in one quick swoop, he strikes d cord connecting the microphone to the ampifier.


Dammy has been dancing Ajasco as a result of electric shock!No thanks to the faulty microphone-This is not the handiwork of the Holy Ghost after all.
And church came to an abrupt end.

‘Milk, milk,milk’ rented the noiseless air.Dammy was gasping for breath as she lay on the floor of the altar.

‘This people are indeed wicked’, she thought.

18 thoughts on “Dammy’s Dilemma” by sambright (@sambrightomo)

  1. Ummm…should have been a good read but there were lots of errors;typos,punctuations and even tenses.
    Better editing next time.

    1. thanks for the observations,I will sure make appropriate corrections.

    1. @Yeniee what is what?

  2. @sambrightomo, I was surprised to note this was from you, I really expect better. I was a funny clip, but marred by the terrible writing. Example, “this people” should be plural, these people. And so many other simple mistakes. Please reread your work and show respect to your readers.

  3. @myne the idea dropped in transit,and I had to trap it with my qwerty pad.I am sorry if it is repulsive to your sensibilities,but I pledge to edit my works before posting. Thanks for the scold,one needs it almost at all times.

  4. hmm… didn’t see the humour in this. dts nt d nature of an electric shock… nd ppl wld knw if sm1 ws bn electrocuted.
    then there’s the typos and tense mix ups…
    well done

    1. @topazo I didnt write this so that you can just laugh.There are other things I wanted to capture.Look beyond it being just funny asides the tenses brouhaha.I appreciate your commentary nonetheless,it will be better next time.

  5. Must have been one long electric shock. I know it’s fiction, but, @sambrightomo… Others have said it all about the mechanics; I’m sure you’ve taken note. I’ll just add that we can actually wait for you to edit before we read, so you don’t really have to be in such a hurry to share.

    1. @febidel THANK YOU SO MUCH!I promise you that next time less errors will be observed,I cross my heart to simply look over my work over and over before submitting.The trade indeed needs patience and patience is the name of my first cousin!

      1. You’re welcome. looking forward to ur next post.

  6. Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

    I see your argument or the point you want us the reader to take. In the name of God? we lose our humanity, nowadays most churches are as plastic as rubber. Anyways good job, one thing, great writers always have editing problems, technicality will come later, as along as you keep on writing.

    1. Uh, u’re really certain great writers ALWAYS have editing problems?

      1. @wendeekay they have one head too

  7. @wordsfromuyi thanks for your observation.Glad you read up to that part in the realms of my many intentions.As par editing,you can count on me for something better next time.*crossmyheart*

  8. Well,other dan d typos i enjoyed ur work n truly see ur story 4rm 2 sides.However,it was funny as hell.Had me a gud laugh.

    1. Thank you for reading @jade69, God bless.

  9. not bad…………

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