Clear Mist

Clear Mist

My lips speak earnestly
to make them see.
Their eyes are wide open
but blanketed in mist

The rape of love and trust
around us- is not a fallacy
Their eyes sees it clearly
but they refuse to believe.

Their porous brain
accepts without a thought
what they are told
by the faceless men.

Although even if those men had faces
they (my people) will still be blind
to the truth a clear mist
to all with foresight.

2 thoughts on “Clear Mist” by Haphsah (@hafsah18)

  1. Nice write, your thoughts are always thoughtfull and vividly deep.
    Check this poem and tell me your thoughts on it.

  2. Straightforward poem, @hafsah18.

    I didn’t quite get the meaning of the title phrase, “Clear mist”.

    Also, watch out for typos like “their eyes sees”.

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