Bring Back The Music

Bring Back The Music

The wait has been interminable,

The trailing silence most deafening.

Patience comes to mollify,

Mopping our despair

Bringing the same hackneyed tides

That have gone with the dinosaurs.

Our eardrums are left groaning

Itching eardrums,

Atrophied eardrums,

Wearied by the din of these disguised minstrels.


They feign melodious performances,

They string their strange notes,

Discordant notes,

Muddled notes.

Their music has drowned them

Their own songs have brought intoxication,

Stabbing the hapless hearers with perplexity.


The rhythm that rocked our soul

Is buried in the cacophony.

What we call audible

Is the harbinger of strains to the ears

Of these people,

My people.

Wearied people,

Who falter in the hope of listening

To the faintest rhythm.


Bring back the music

Lest we fool ourselves with dancing

And become drunk with the illusion

That continues to cajole us

To dance when the music is empty.


We crave those moments

When we need not linger in the anxiety

Of tomorrow’s threat

Of the inauspicious nature of today

Of the haunting apparition of yesterday.

We crave those times

When music could be the food

That the soul truly thrived on

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