Beginners Hurdle

Beginners Hurdle

It was one of the cold, late November nights in Abuja, nothing quite out of the ordinary. We were sprawled out in bed, watching ‘Alias’ one of the action packed movie series at the time, when that call came in abruptly; posterity was about to make me a liar, quicker than we envisaged.

As far as covering tracks go, I had long since mastered the act. She only knew what I wanted her to, I thought it right at the time and ran blinded with it. If you asked me, I’d say I was faithful; still am, because I didn’t come close to compromising my love for my wife. Everything I did on the side in Vegas, was on the side & remained in Vegas; not a morsel of emotions escaped or were let in.

I thought I was all a woman ever wanted, actually I still do but little did I know, that karma didn’t exactly work with thoughts. Somewhere along the line, my innocent, naïve and obviously beautiful wife, found the need to have her attention slightly divided; maybe that was karma helping out, but we all know ladies are moved by attention.

From obvious deductions, Ebuka was slick, smooth and definitely a sight for sore eyes. Anything less, and I’d have had to pull the plugs on the marriage abruptly; we’re only human, we stray every now and then, no doubt but in a case whereby Liz went way below her usual standards, me, a semi hunk, that would have been her, teetering on the verge of toppling my ego; the size of the Eiffel.

To cut right to the chase, they went on a couple of dates, in the guise of mere friendship, both of ignoring the slow but obvious exit from the friend zone. On the fourth date or so, spanned out over two months, they got to kissing; according to what I was told and eventually deduced, although you can’t quite tell always, they never got around to do more than just that. I know some of you might see that as saved by hair’s breath, but I lost already, right from when another man had my woman’s attention; that’s where the real danger is, not exactly when she sleeps with him or begins an illicit affair.

I sat there, mouth agape and face visibly flustered. I’m not one to be naïve, but the thought that my precious innocent jewel would ever betray me thus, had never crossed my mind. I know not where I placed her, but definitely not with the pack of loose & randy 21st century ladies. I sat there thinking to myself, ‘shit just hit the roof’; I’m used to making hasty decisions, but I could find the resolve to make one.

As the emotions raped my thoughts, the assault became vivid; I pictured another man’s lips on my Liz, probably his hands too, because although she said nothing of the sort happened, I can’t keep my hands off while kissing her. Just as I was thinking she had gone to far, I remember; It hit me square in the jaw, that I was being a hypocrite and a selfish one at that; I wasn’t without blemish myself. I start to replay the one time with Sandra, she was like a tigress in charge; she straddled me and rode me through her three orgasms. I thought it was over, just as the one-night-stand, with June comes into plain view; in my mind’s eye that is. Although I was intoxicated with alcohol, it wasn’t a valid excuse because I let all that did, happen; I remember humping her, without one care in the world, with my eyes closed for about 45mins. Although I wasn’t out to please her, like I always want to with Liz, I just couldn’t get myself to blow my load on time; my intended quickie lasted more than I expected, her cuming, no doubt was unexpected but dramatic.

So there I was, distraught and torn between making my wife feel miserable, about her seemingly negligible mistake and coming clean about my three sexual escapades, since our 2 years of marriage. An unwritten rule in the guy code, is to never come clean about your adulterous discrepancies but I didn’t see a better chance than now, in the heat of the moment, to bring it up and also prove a point; so I did. Nothing had hurt me in the recent past, like watching my wife cry so hard. She was visibly hurt, and if I looked any harder, I’d have seen her heart bleed. She continued crying and muttering away in heartbreak’s gibberish; the reverse card definitely had to come into play at some point, you know women and it blew up all in my face; I was dished a couple of slaps and dealt a couple of tender blows to my chest, and asked how I dared chastise her.

She couldn’t wrap her head around why I made her feel so bad about her slight mistake, in comparison to my cheating. When Liz asked about my third extramarital fuck, I was lost for words; I didn’t think she would notice I talked about just two, but mentioned three. I had to recount the story of my stay @the four seasons hotel in Hampshire, and how I was barely inside her for 10mins, because we were feeling naughty at their outside bar, and occasionally had intruders at intervals. We were friends before benefits, so we both agreed it would be wrong to continue and that was the last we ever brought it up. This last one stung even more, because Liz had told me times without number, that this Lady had a thing for me, asides platonic friendship.

So there we were, eyes red, crying together; i was hitting the bottle hard and puffing away at my cigarettes, like they held any true solace. She finally got around talking, and her first words were ‘ I love you, even though you hurt me’. I start to say I’m sorry, but she stops me square with a kiss; at that point I know its gonna take a lot more than life’s beginners hurdle to deter us both. I start to get an aching in my loins, more like a yearning, she senses it too, smiles and at that point; I know I have to drop this keypad.

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