A Letter To My Unborn Kids

A Letter To My Unborn Kids


Please, my dear unborn babies, you have to be patient with me. It’s not been easy down here. I have been doing all I can; praying, observing, et al. But getting you the best mum, one good enough to pilot you to this world is not as easy as it seems. It’s not that there have not been prospective mothers. Fact is, there have been a number who have caught my fancy but I wouldn’t choose one who would fail to lead you aright after you are brought in (since you are going to be spending more time with her than with me in your growing up years). I wouldn’t get you a mum who I am not sure has the fear of the Lord and a love for family. I am convinced there is a deep connection between my desire to get you a best mum and to get me the best life partner. Dear unborns, you know daddy has got to be your role model, a father who can meet all your needs; a spiritual leader, a successful career dad, a blazing light in the society and a family head par excellence. One who would have enough experience to guide you properly through the dangerous paths of life.

You must believe me when I tell you that it’s really evil down here. People even kill babies right before they are born and others throw them away into canals, bushes and water right after they are born. Infact, only recently did I read online that a mother dropped her new born baby in a latrine but the baby miraculously survived. It is that wicked down here!  Your dad-to-be earlier in life, wished he was never born too and now he wishes he never has to bring innocent little souls like yours into this terrible place to go through all he has gone through.  But like it is said, “man proposes, but God disposes”, I am leaving Him to lead my paths. But if and when I do eventually have all three of you down here with me, I want to be very happy everyday of your lives. I want to give you the best any man can give his kids. I want to be able to give you good food so you wouldn’t long for another man’s meal. I want to be able to put the best clothes on your bodies and put a homely shelter over your heads to protect you from the harsh elements of this part. I want you, my sons, to be as plants grown up in their youths and you, dear daughter, to be as a cornerstone, polished after the similitude of a palace. You know what, dearies? My parents walked so I could run, but now, I have to run so you can fly. It’s highly competitive down. I hear of many children who are out of school, others attend poor schools, while those from privileged homes attend the best schools in town. Many go through school and are unable to find jobs but if I do my part, I believe and am convinced that I can give you the edge to go very far in life. I believe you would see my achievements and be challenged to break the records I would have already set. I know if only other parents thought about these, I wouldn’t be hearing about mindless abortions. Oh, your returnee baby friends who were terminated from their mothers’ wombs would have given you an insight into the cruel world they paid a short visit to. My world down here is terribly sick and needs its Creator to help heal it but they wouldn’t just let Him.

These are the reasons for imploring you to wish me the best in preparations for your future arrival. For a mum, you need one who would respect your daddy in everything as the head of the home. A mum who would help him further the course of his divine purpose as much he’d do hers. One who would love his family, live at peace with them and not attempt to severe him from God or from his friends. One who would fan his spiritual coals and help him to keep the kingdom of God as top priority. One who would not be enticed by the transient things of life as to push him to spend our family resource on unnecessary commodities because other women are buying same. You deserve a mum who knows the importance of prayer over you right from conception and would ensure you are taught to know, love and serve your Creator right from cradle. You deserve a virtuous mum who would not condone your excesses or breed a Jezebel for a daughter. But would be an exemplary Christian wife to daddy as well as a caring mum to her children. In the meantime, boys and girl, your dad is still in college and in no hurry to get you over here even though his world believes in marriage in the twenty-somethingth years. Be rest assured that daddy will take that step when God says it’s time and would go for the woman God chooses for him.. But for now, he remains married to purpose. You know he has to fulfil God’s plan for him and best the best bachelor any man can ever be and when you do eventually become his kids, you would be so proud of him and mum. Till then, please bear with me!



By Prince Joshua Oyeniyi www.worldwriterswall.blogspot.com prince.oyeniyi@yahoo.com

12 thoughts on “A Letter To My Unborn Kids” by Joshua Oyeniyi (@evangprince2008)

  1. we all hope to be the perfect dad you have beautifully described and a perfect mother too.
    Nice having you, and weldone for your write.
    Keep writing.

    1. @bassittjamiu
      Thanks for your comment. Nice reading it!!!

    1. @topazo
      thanks for reading.

  2. We need such write-ups to keep parents of their toes.thanks for writing.

    1. @sambrightomo
      thanks for reading and for encouraging. I;m grateful.

  3. Joy (@jade69)

    Am really touched n like u awaitin d rite woman so also some ladies are waitin 4 dat man who’ll make it worthwhile till dey grow old n die peacefully in each others arms.Enough said,i love ur work.Keep it coming

    1. @jade69
      thanks for your lovely comment. I’m encouraged. You know things like this are worth the waiting. Thanks.

  4. owseaman (@owseaman)

    This is correct. I saw a letter to my Wife to be sometimes ago, now its to the unborn kids… Way to go. Later to the Family, Later to the Old wife and on to the Beyond…smiles… Way to go, really.

  5. Blackgold (@Blackgold)

    @evangprince2008,nice one, wish Youths can think that way and do the right thing at the right time for the right reasons

  6. Blackgold (@Blackgold)

    nice one, wish Youths of today can think that way and do the right thing at the right time for the right reasons

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