Will Matters

Will Matters

I should trust you?
The brightness of the stars
Is not strong enough
To tell the size of the cat fish
Swimming beneath the river.

A promise from you will do?
The light from the sun
Can only show me your face
And not what your heart will do
When mine stops pumping red oil.

You say it is God that gives wealth.
But when the anthill stands proud
It is not because the dogged kick
From a child’s foot can’t bring it down
To the place of its birth.
The anthill knows what it shares
With the small woodpecker
Whose long rapid discussions
With the bark of the obeche
Can one day make a hole
A man’s head will find no trouble entering.

I should not write it down?
If my pregnant goat
Stubbornly journeys to the next village
Where her cry cannot prick my ears
Is it not the rope around her neck
That friends in that village will see
And then bring her back to me?

You have heard:
One cannot borrow a man’s mouth
And eat onions for him.

You should know:
I would rather be the one
To tell which be the better tool
Between the cutlass and the knife
In dividing all my onions.

43 thoughts on “Will Matters” by chemokopi (@chemokopi)

  1. I like this, the imagery. It makes me laugh and enjoy reading it. Good read

    1. Thanks for your kind words @Carlobasi. Glad it made you laugh too.

  2. The use of down home imagery and illustrations, the wood-pecker, the missing goat, etc, made this a unique read for the title matter :)

  3. this is so good a poem

    1. Thanks @sylvia. Your words make me smile.

  4. oga mi. U really ‘wowed’ me.

    1. @louis: Glad it wowed you, Lactoo!

  5. @chemokopi, weldone sir, this is creatively written and well crafted.

    1. Thanks a lot @basittjamiu. You are too kind.

  6. Your proverbs make me laugh. Yes o, I’m the one who can determine what best divides my onions. Good one, good one!

    1. Hehehe…thanks @jollyone. Glad they made you laugh.

  7. Brilliant poem, @chemokopi. I loved the way you used imagery to show how the future can change (and thus why we should be ensure our plans don’t change along with it).

    Well done indeed – please accept 30 points.

    1. Yay! Thanks @TolaO for your kind words and generous points. You are too kind.

  8. Quite very insightful and creatively so. I particulary like the allegorical nature, made it quite an interesting read. @chemokopi, a really good one again…

    1. Thanks a lot @excellency. We keep trying to be better.

  9. This poem is great.Thanks for inviting me to read it.

    1. @khadijahmuhammad: You are welcome. Thanks for your kind words too.

  10. This is a poem that is simple to understand despite it being generously sprayed with proverbs. My best verse:
    I should not write it down?
    If my pregnant goat
    Stubbornly journeys to the next village
    Where her cry cannot prick my ears
    Is it not the rope around her neck
    That friends in that village will see
    And then bring her back to me?
    Well done, Chemo…

    1. Hmmm…such sweet words @queennobo. Thanks a lot. And that pregnant goat I saw in my dream must have forced its way into the poem…don’t mind me jare. Thanks again.

  11. This poem requires an in-depth analysis.I read it thrice and it still requires reading.I liked the way you used the proverbs to expand your theme which to me is not only the” will” but also ”trust”.This is really an interesting poem.

    1. What can I say @khadijahmuhammad? Your words encourage me. I won’t mind that analysis from you. I trust you analytical prowess. Thanks again!

  12. My best verses were 1,2 and 4 :)
    No 2 said to me “There’s no art to find the mind’s construction in the face” in a very unique way.

    I loved the use of imagery….it wasn’t flowery or full of exaggerated speech, yet it wasn’t simple. It was just right. The use of proverbs was awesome…. Gave it an African feel :)

    I loved the tone of the poem, it was unhurried and confident.

    Good job, friend. It was worth the wait ;)

    1. Hmmm…your words are very encouraging @Olaedo. Thanks! I will look at those stanzas you like best, and learn from them. ;)

      Thanks again.

  13. This is awesome…the flow was beautiful, the imagery vivid and the use of proverbs lends richness to it…

    1. Thank you very much @topazo. Your are far too kind!

  14. This is poetry Chemo! The kind that stresses the brain but won’t stress it too much. All the stanzas are striking. The African flavour you embedded in it is the best part for me, and yes trust can sometimes not be trusted…

    You’re truly the son of the soil!

    1. Hehehe…thanks @francis. We strive to be good sons of the soil! Thanks for your very kind words. Much appreciated.

  15. Yes. As you told us, it’s not like any other we’ve read from you.

    It’s beautiful. Though the last two lines read somehow to me. As though it didn’t go well with the rest.

    But it’s still what it is; beautiful.

    Well done.

    1. Thanks @babyada. Funny enough, I still feel the last stanza is not elegant enough, and now that you have drawn my attention to those last two lines, I will have to look at the whole stanza real close.

      So thanks for your insightful comment. Much appreciated.

  16. Wise man Sir Chemo… It takes great wisdom to write a poem like this.

    I like the 2nd and 3rd verses.. The use of ‘red oil’ is clever and the proverbs are superb… Thank you for inviting me Sir..

    *Dat pregnant goat 4 my area e no go survive. If e loss u no go see am again…

    1. @ayistar: Hehehe…make the goat try am now :)

      Thanks a lot man. I really appreciate your kind words.

  17. The style is captivating, especially the imagery.

    My best is this:

    You have heard:
    One cannot borrow a man’s mouth
    And eat onions for him.

  18. Thanks a lot @elovepoetry. The elders are wiser than us which is probably why the original proverb comes most powerful to you :)

    Thanks again.

  19. I don’t see many like this anymore.

    1. @shaifamily: Thanks very much for what your comment belies.

  20. Waoh…simply waoh. Great poem @Chemokopi

    1. You are too kind @olajumoke: :)

      Thanks a lot.

  21. I fink by now we know and can identify the marks of good stuff. Again, you have left me feeling somehow for not coming out here often as I used to. In any case, I know you always do good justice to whatever you put out.This one needs serious sit-down thinking (in a sense).

    1. Hmmm…we all have our times of withdrawal and reflection…as my late reply shows. *smiles*

      Thanks, bro, for commenting again. I really do appreciate.

  22. @chemokopi Wonderful bro. It’s so beautiful how you approached the theme, with clear message. Our will matters.

    Good to be back again

    1. @shomyk: thanks a lot my bro. Glad to have you back. *smiles*

  23. @chemokopi
    to say this day
    in a poetic way
    that this piece if intriguing
    is saying the least ’cause it’s like enthralling…………….

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