Why wake up, when you can sleep on

And escape the hustle a new day brings?

Why sleep on, when you can wake up,

to see a new day, and achieve something new?


Why live, when you can just kill yourself and die

and so be absent from the wickedness present in this world?

Why kill yourself and die, when you can live

and begin from yourself to kill the wickedness in this world?


Why care to put a smile on your neighbours face,

when no one cares to wipe away your own frown?

Why not put a smile on your neighbours face,

and see if your frown can withstand their beautiful smiles?


Why bother to put any more effort,

when you’ve tried several times yet no success?

Why not put in more effort despite recent failures,

what would success mean without failures?


Why not just mind your own business,

must you save them, does it concern you?

Why not mind their business, save them from that loss,

who knows if tomorrow, your concerns become their own business?


Why trust God with your life,

what makes you so sure that He even exists?

Why not trust God with your life

When you find He exists, would you have lost a thing?


Why not turn this the other way round,

and let us look from the other perspective?

Why turn it the other way round,

from any point of view, is the truth not always the truth?


17 thoughts on “Why?!” by EXCELLENCY (@excellency)

  1. Good one. Quite inspirational. I hope this inspires someone.

    1. thanks @jaywriter, inspiration is the essence, hope it inspired you…

      1. Yes and our answers determine how we live the live, thanks for compliment.

  2. life is full of such questions. great work

    1. Yes and our answers determine how we live the live, thanks for compliment.

  3. I enjoyed this…. Great counter questions.
    Yeah, for every experience in life there are two sides to that coin.
    This is just like when we ask “Why me?” when we could also ask, “Why not me?”

    1. @Olaedo, glad you enjoyed it. Many a times life is falsely accused…

  4. This is just amazing poetry. Very fresh and captivating. I like the fact that you didn’t rest on the power of the dualistic style but instead went further to carefully select potent words and expressions to make this poem the masterpiece it truly is.

    Excellency, you really impressed me with this. I dash you 1000 points.

    1. @chemokopi, I am most honoured, to say the least, of your very kind words and extreme magnanimity. Thanks lots, most noble sire! :D

  5. Good one, nice questions and reasoning @excellency

  6. absolutely like this line, “from any point of view, is the truth not always the truth?” life always has 2 sides… u choose which point to look from.

    1. exactly @Shally-Ashimi, such is life. Two sides of the coin head or tail, you choose. A friend once told me that life didn’t treat him well, by the time we finished discussing, the discovery was that, he didn’t treat life well…

  7. Why wait to comment, So many more to read?

    Why not say what’s on your mind to ensure he keeps writing?
    Walahi, I enjoyed reading this.

    1. @jollyone, :D gaskia, I appreciate that. Now my day’s gonna be a jolly good one :) …

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