The Writing Prompt Challenge Series

The Writing Prompt Challenge Series

When we first started the Naijastories Facebook Group, we had this tradition of starting a story with a writing prompt and encouraging others to complete it. We find Flash fiction fun to read and a challenge to write. You see, it has to include all the elements of a short story, but in fewer words. Much fewer words.

Can you tell a story in 100 words less? How about 5 – 7 short sentences of about 15 words each?

These are the Rules.

1. A new prompt will be posted by the admin.

2. After the prompt is posted, you’ll have one week to post your entry.

3. Both Poetry and Fiction are accepted in this contest..

4. You may enter only one per prompt.

5. Your entry must follow the general writing guides of the site.

6. Your submission will be posted as a comment on the Prompt post.

7. Your comment must be a submission in response to the prompt of the day. Other comments will be deleted.

8. Only new and original writing will be accepted.

9. Your entry must contain a setting, at least one character, a conflict and a resolution.

10. You cannot edit your entry. Once you’ve posted it, that is it. So make sure to read, correct and fine-tune before you submit.

11. Remember, your entry must be 100 words or fewer. Anything more will be disqualified.

12. You must include a word count with your entry, either at the beginning or end of the entry.


What is in it for you? Prizes of course

Winner gets 1500 NS Points.

These points will be redeemeable as N200 airtime or to be added to the winners cumulative points.

The limit to how many times one person can win is not more than twice in a month.

Winner is chosen via public choice ratings, the stars at the side of each comment.

Readers can get to participate not just by voting but also by donating to fund prizes.

Any member who donates up to 1500 NS points gets to choose the Writing Prompt for the week.

Each week, we will open a new forum topic for the writing prompt of that week.

People can ask admin questions on that thread as well as discuss the entries and canvass votes for their favorites.

If you have any further questions, please e-mail


Let the Games Begin! Click to See the First Writing Prompt!

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  1. I knelt down on our bed, leaned towards the window and looked outside our little cottage. The view was awesome! The atmosphere was serene. Desmond and Jennifer played with the white sand. The flowers blossomed in our beautiful well trimmed garden. Suddenly, the gate flung open. “Daddy!” the kids screamed as they rushed to embrace him. I caught sight of my true love. He had pineapple on one hand and my white rose, of course, on the other. I quickly jumped down from the bed to welcome him. True happiness I believe is the evidence of good living. (98 words)

  2. Unfortunately, this is on the wrong post.

  3. @admin, please what is the writing prompt for this week? March 8th- 15th

  4. Where’s the one for the poets?

    1. I ask same question. We always have the crumbs at the end of the banquet!

  5. owseaman (@owseaman)

    the poets nko?

    1. Wait first. Let the big bros and madams eat first…be patient. After all, the patient dog eats….

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