The Bliss Of Raindrops

At first, the sound kept echoing

In the South East heaven

Like a maddening drum to the ear


The labourers bent in labour mourned but didn’t stop working

Their employers kept watch them inside their homes

Savoring a beautiful day of luxury

And appreciating the bliss of the impending rain


Eccentric children trot about nude

With hands raised to the sky

They welcome the growing rain

With a thunderous singing and clapping


From a distant

The drumming continued

With a few raindrops on rooftops

Aggressive wind blows


It was a time to ran for shelter

But the labourers  remained

Even the children kept singing and dancing

An the women came out with their pots


The sky changed as the clouds leaped away

From blue to green it becomes a chameleon

Then settled to become a thick white wool

With dots of green, blue and white



From a distant

The tumult shook the earth

The rumble kept resounding

Like a drumming on a loud band


Like a shower the heavens opened

Slow at first with few drops of water balls

Chicks ran for shelter under their mothers wing

As the drops multiply, and it became a rain


Like a stampede it marched across the land

Like a mighty flood it overgrows to form streams

Filling all pots and buckets in the land

Leveling smaller plants and strengthen bigger ones


The flowers blossomed and the dog barks

The children somersaults and dances in the rain

The women rejoices as they carried their filled water pots

The employers jubilates and the labours scrawls


The seven colours came first to beautify the heaven

Like a coy bride the sun peaks out

In tiny sparse shower the rain gave way.




3 thoughts on “The Bliss Of Raindrops” by Princes Arah (@sarah)

  1. I like the piece… especially as I picture it better edited and refined.

    “Their employers kept watch them inside their homes…” (I don’t get this line)
    From a distant(distance)
    It was a time to ran(run) for shelter

    For the following, the [s] shouldn’t be there:
    The children somersault[s] and dance[s] in the rain
    The women rejoice[s] as they carried their filled water pots
    The employers jubilate[s] and the labours(laborers?) scrawl[s]

    It’s hard to decipher the tense as you mixed both present and past in a rather irregular form. It’s a very nice piece, all the same.

  2. Da Queen (@Estee)

    Nice. Ditto @chimzorom.

  3. although @chimzorom & @Estee have made a point, taking the typos as oversight, the poem is simply nice…………..well done(@SARAH!

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