Temporary Insanity

Temporary Insanity

This little brat next door
Make my heart skip a beat
Even a accidental encounter
Make a jolt of fear
surge through me like electricity
What is this?
A feeling of something unusual
A jolt of fear
A magical feeling
Both agonizing and tantalizing
Wish I could think sensibly
Why do I suddenly pay
Endless attention to how I look
Why am I not able to eat
Not able to sleep either
My heart leaped.
I just can’t define what I feel
This feeling might lead me
To something ethereal
If this is love I don’t know
But I know what I feel.
There she stood, handy and tantalizing
All morning I had kept catching glimpses of her
Then I screwed up courage
I want to make this move; make the call
Ask her for a date
Let her know how I feel
But am scared; scared of what ?
A little brat that had just grown into a woman ?
She needs to know this
What will I say to her ?
Even if I say something
What if she says NO ?
Then am not perfect
If I am NOBODY; then I am PERFECT.

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