Your scintillating smile,

Perfecting such exquisite beauty,

Striking, like priceless diamonds,

Reflecting the morning sun.



Your graceful chortle,

From organs absolutely fitted,

Playing, like melodious sonata,

Emanating from deluxe opera.



Your thoughtful words,

Blending wisdom, and caring-savvy,

Soothing, like rain drops,

Caressing an expectant farmer.



Your alluring moves;

Steps, purposeful and precise,

Matching in definite accuracy,

A professional striker’s goal.



Your intentional actions

Fulfilling those loving promises

Ever faithful, like none-else,

Evoking sincere childlike faith.



Our company together,

Fulfillment of the knowing,

That I have you, and you have me

Our union staying ever so SWEET!

26 thoughts on “Sweet!” by EXCELLENCY (@excellency)

  1. I am in love with this..nice flow, good imagery..I like

    1. Much thanks @raptureisforme, nice to know you’re in love :D

  2. Interesting. I liked it a lot

    1. @hotchocolate, thanks, glad you liked it.

  3. Just like the title…sweet!

  4. This is nice. My best lines:

    “Soothing, like rain drops,
    Caressing an expectant farmer.”

    I don’t like the first stanza though. Expressions like ‘scintillating smile’, ‘exquisite beauty’, ‘priceless diamonds’ all seem uninspired for me (either dull or cliched). First impressions still matter.

    Well done man. Keep improving your art.

    1. @chemokopi, I appreciate your kind words, lol, “exquisite,” just had to come in there, it’s like a “cliche” for me actually. I understand your observation, duly noted. You a farmer? :D

      1. Hehe..farmer ke? I do love earning though :)

        1. hahahaha, okay o, of course everyone loves to earn…

  5. Hm. Somebody is in love oh…

    1. @raymond, abi? :) thanks for reading…

  6. The poem is almost too sweet. Beware tooth decay.

    1. :D @kaycee this one prevents tooth decay, lol, thanks lots…

  7. Good poem…you could get better by using fresher terms like @chemokopi said

    1. Much thanks @xikay, point taken….

  8. Seriously?! Take care lest you be disillusioned.

    1. Lol @elovepoetry, who gets disillusioned? This is live and direct :D Thanks for reading…

  9. They have dotted some of my observations.Go ahead and express yourself joor.Sweet love,love dey sweet jare.

    1. @sambrightomo, :) Sure love is very sweet, especially when reciprocated, thanks for reading…

  10. Interesting poem here Excellency… My concern: too many commas. Careful there bro… :)

    Love nwatiti… was this inspired by true events?
    I like how you’ve been able to draw together the verse together using ‘Sweet’ as that linkage that has carried it all together. Well done on this one man.

    1. @sueddie, thanks lots man. As for the commas, they are supposed to highlight the linking of each line to the other in the stanzas. Thanks for reading sire…

  11. A very sweet poem… could almost taste it. Well done.

  12. smiling……….

  13. @excellency
    nice lines…………………

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