One August Morning

They creepiness started early August after the demise of my grandmother. It started with bizarre sounds from the basements ranging from footsteps in the backyard to the howling of dog in the garage. Some nights, once it’s started I might not be able to go back to sleep again. But those times were different because my parents were around and most important those days were gone. For over a week now, I had been waiting to hear that noise or even fell the presence of someone stalking me around but I found them not. I made up my mind to face my normal life and live on; obviously I must have been hallucinating.

I woke up early at dawn a week later, vibrant and ready to stare into the eyes of the day ahead. I pulled out my reading desk beside the window and sat down to write a proposal I was meant to submit that day. The proposal was a partnership friendly proposal actually meant for a new movie firm that just move into the neighborhood form Ohio. With my palmtop on the table, I open the computer and began to type away. I had to finish the proposal and print it in other to meet up with my appointment with the Manager by 9.00am.

As I stood up to draw the curtains in other to allow in more lights, I saw a shadow ran fast past the garage. I strained my eyes out of the sliding window but the image was not clear as it was only a silhouette dawdling towards the boat house. I was alarmed and petrified as I watched the shadow veer behind the boat house. My thought ran amok as goose pimples filled my body causing precipitation to run awash all over my face and body. I was panting fast as adrenaline coursed through my head in an unfamiliar embrace. Some many thought swan through my frizzy mind, the possibilities that it might be a pervert or even a burglar sent me hanging on the edge. My thought ran haywire as I wondered what to do next.

I was alone in the house. My parents have travelled two weeks ago to Florida to make arrangements to bury my grandmother in her husband’s house. Thinking about that now reminded me of my grandmother. I was really going to miss her, especially that motherly, caring part of her. She was really my best friend but I didn’t feel so bad about her loss because Grandma Mimi was really old.

Just then I caught a glimpse of the shape of the shadow. It all trilled and befuddled me. It was a shape of a woman, a centenarian precisely but it was amusing because the centenarian walked with the agility of a young person. Instantly fear gripped me like an overall coat just as the silhouette came out in the open and as I grabbed the phone and dialed 911, I saw her; dressed in a fur coat with a hood and a faded demine jean was Grandma Mimi just outside my window. I took two steps backwards, closed my eyes and clasped my breath and tried to wield off the imagination. I must be hallucinating I thought as I fought to make it go away. But it didn’t.  When next open my eyes; she was still there before me, smiling and waving her hands at me. She was floating on the air, her arms raised towards me. For a moment I was tempted to go into those motherly arms but then I snapped myself out of the revere.

“You are dead”, I screamed at her, drawing back further.

She must have been aggravated because I saw her withdraw her outstretched arms as her smiles faded away. Abruptly her head began to twirl around her neck with such a force that caused blood to gush out from her mouth and nose. I was screaming now as my head suddenly seem to bloat. I clasped my hands to my ears to stop it but it didn’t go away. She was screaming now, her shrill cries tearing my ear drum in bits. And as I collapsed to the ground, I heard a hello at the other end of the phone line.

“Top fords police station, Is everything alright over there? How can we help you?” the voice went on asking as I closed my eyes and drifted in unconsciousness.

7 thoughts on “One August Morning” by Princes Arah (@sarah)

  1. Too many typos…and you didn’t quite mke the story as scary as it shld

  2. I liked the ending, but the way you started made the story predictable plus there were a some typos.

  3. this is a nice story, true at the beginning it gave me the chills and again you didn’t do much editing before submitting. But all the same it was a nice story though, keep it up

  4. Keep writing & getting feedback… Too many big words with little use… Keep it simple too, short crisp sentences … If you succeed in writing a story around the plot of a particularly good short story, you’d have done your story telling ability a favour, a big one

  5. wendy (@wendy)

    Hehheeheheehe! Very scary

  6. Please edit. A good number of typos and grammatical ish

  7. @SARAH, a gre8t title, a mind-captivating beginning but disjointed by typos………….NICE anyways…………

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