“Of Lost friendship, and Flickering dreams”

“Of Lost friendship, and Flickering dreams”

This is a collaboration between myself and queenzayta. I hope you all enjoy it..


As girls, we dreamed of what we wanted to be. Now, we’re grown and big,.. But is this what we dreamed?


I saw it all,
The cheer and fame,
I saw it wrong,
In my mind’s face..

The glamour,
We would talk about,
In hushed tones,
On nights when the rules we’d flout,

And we’d dream,
And laugh,
Over the silly things,
We promised to be when we grew big and fat!

We wanted so much,
The world on both our thumbs,
Big houses,
Fine men,
We were dreamers without a care,

Best friends,
I remember,
And the tales we’d tell,
Now Over this, tears I shed,

With the innocence gone,
And in you whom,
A friend I’ve lost,

I see you,
Tall and thin,
Wanna be a model,
Is that what we dreamed?

Bobby, with the belly,
Guess I hear he’s 50
Your boyfriend or daddy?
Angie, this ain’t what you promised!

We wanted better,
I thought you remembered,
But I see along the way,
You found more dreams to crave..



I loved it all
The cheer, the fame
You saw it wrong
In my eyes, they were more than right

And the glamour,
All glitzy and sparkling?!!
Yes, we talked them hushly
Over pies and ice cream

Flouting curfews
till mornings came,
We were culprits,
Mind, body and game

We’d dream,
We’d giggle,
Over silly things
And Mummy’s boys,
And Of things we would be,
When we grew chick nd curvy

We wanted so much
The world on a green button
Flashy cars
Robust accounts
We dreamt, without a care

Best friends, we were
And the fears, we’d share
Now over them, the tears fall

With all innocence gone
In you, a friend I mourn

Today, we meet
You are what we dreamed,
Me, tall, thin, modelly
Maybe we didn’t dream this

And Bobby?
He’s working on the belly
He’s not so old, maybe 40
No boyfriend, no daddy
Call him my baby-daddy
This ain’t what I promised
Maybe, just maybe
I got it wrong to get it right

We wanted better
For me, it was harder
Yes, I remember
How much I worked
To get noticed
I didn’t crave more
The straight path was just never for me

Not much to lose
Little less to gain
I only followed the lights
That never came in dreams..

9 thoughts on ““Of Lost friendship, and Flickering dreams”” by Me (@dr2103)

  1. Wow….beautifully wriTten

  2. Mhn, lots of times we meet those old friends who’ve become “just someone we used to know.”
    The perspectives in these poems… very nice.
    “I got it wrong to get it right…
    Not much to lose
    Little less to gain
    I only followed the lights
    That never came in dreams…”
    … I really loved these lines ಥ_ಥ Well done

  3. Very nicely written. A perfect collabo.

  4. Wow! Nice collabo and all!

  5. Yeah… These lines speak a truth. The straight kind’s just never for some of us. No matter how, they get bent every which way. Deep story, creative collaboration.

  6. Thanks @ all. We are glad you enjoyed it. :)

  7. This is rly beautiful..

  8. chai, your poetic hands hardly betrays……………

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